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Welcoming New Students

Welcoming incoming first year healthcare training students is essential to helping them connect with your campus chapter and introduce them to the Christian community on campus. Meeting them as early as possible will help you build a relationship with them before studies get overwhelming. Hopefully most you’ve met who are interested in Christian community will continue to participate, but if some stop due to academic pressures, there’s a good chance they’ll return (start coming) to the group if you’ve made a strong enough connection at the beginning of the year.

To make this strong connection and a good first impression, we encourage all campus chapters to display at their school’s campus activities fair and to follow that closely with an exciting welcome event, like a BBQ or party. The fair gives you a chance to share about your group and its purpose and plans for the year, while the welcome event allows for time to begin making friends with first years. The Campus Welcome Kit is designed to help you promote your chapter at your school.

This kit has a mixture of materials created specifically to help you encourage your fellow classmates to get involved and help your campus chapter THRIVE with a purpose throughout the year.

New Welcome Kits are available mid-June.

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