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Dues and Donations


The Psychiatry Section of CMDA receives dues and donations from members and supporters. These funds enable us to conduct our administrative activities and defer costs associated with Annual Meeting Activities at the APA meetings. Specific examples of how we use our funds include:

  •  Funds defer hotel and venue costs associated with our Breakfast Meetings, our Annual Dinner Banquet and Social Gatherings during APA. 
  • Funds are used to defer or eliminate meal costs for medical students and residents who attend our Annual Meeting Activities.  
  • Funds pay fees associated with registration and participation as an Exhibitor in the Exhibition Hall at the APA.  While we own and reuse the actual Exhibition/Booth itself, the APA requires a substantial registration fee and requires us to utilize their furniture and amenities in order to maintain consistency within the Exhibition Hall.  
  • Funds received pay for printing the materials we distribute at our APA Exhibit/Booth.  
  • Funds are used to pay mailing and printing costs associated with our Newsletters and Brochures.  

Dues for the Psychiatry Section are separate and in addition to dues paid for CMDA membership. Members of the Psychiatry Section are encouraged to consider joining CMDA. Suggested dues for the Psychiatry Section are as follows:

  • Members - $100.00 annually
  • Missionaries and Retirees - $50.00 annually
  • Medical Students and Residents - $0.00

(Contact our Administrative Assistant at if you have questions regarding your dues and donations.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.)

DONATIONS - Click HERE to Donate.  

Donations in any amount are appreciated and are routinely used for the same purposes as are dues. On occasion, we sponsor a special project or focus on a particular ministry. When this occurs, we notify  our members and supporters of the opportunity to participate and to donate toward that special project.