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National Resident and Fellow Council Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Resident and Fellow Council (NRFC), and what is its purpose?

The National Resident and Fellow Council is a resident-driven organization within CMDA. It is designed to connect, mentor and empower Christian residents to:

  • Live out their faith authentically
  • Influence the culture of healthcare
  • Unite with other Christian residents and fellows both locally and nationally for enduring fellowship
  • Shape the future of CMDA

All CMDA resident and fellow members are invited to join to be a part of the NRFC. There is no member fee or required amount of meetings to attend. The NRFC provides a format for residents and fellows to connect to a community in their new city after medical school graduation, connect with other Christian residents and fellows from around the country, further develop leadership skills and share "best practices" of improving ministry to their colleagues and patients.

How is the NRFC connected to the national CMDA?

The NRFC is an important part of CMDA's Campus & Community Ministries. It serves as a springboard for development of future national leaders of CMDA, and will offer potential participation of its members in other national CMDA roles, such as Resident Trustee to the Board of Trustees, Resident Representative to the House of Representatives or membership of various councils or committees.

Why be part of the NRFC?

The NRFC offers committed Christian medical and dental residents and fellows a unique opportunity to connect, grow, be mentored, learn how to better minister to their colleagues and patients and impact the future ministry of CMDA and healthcare itself. If you are excited by what you read above, we invite you to join us!

What time commitment and responsibilities will involvement require?

While there is no time requirement to be involved in the NRFC, it is the goal of the NRFC to have regularly scheduled meetings, webinars, podcasts so that residents and fellows have the opportunity to connect and better integrate their faith with the daily demands of resident and fellow life. Most web-based meetings will be about an hour long and will be held on the third Sunday of every month.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Please visit for the latest news and information or email the National Resident and Fellow Council.

I want to be a part of the NRFC! What’s the next step?

Great! We’re excited to have you join us! Join the National Resident and Fellow Council.

How is the leadership of the NRFC chosen?

The NRFC is led by the NRFC Leadership Team. Each year at the annual meeting of the NRFC (to be associated with the CMDA National Convention) a new Leadership Team is elected by the membership of the NRFC itself. The Leadership Team is composed of motivated residents who are willing to sacrifice some extra time or sleep to meet on a bi-monthly to monthly basis. Their role will be to establish the vision for the NRFC for the year, work to connect graduating fourth year medical students, write for the Resident Life Facebook blog and help plan webinars/podcasts for the NRFC. The Leadership Team is not meant to be exclusive, but to define who will assume the responsibility for that year in leading this national organization.

Is attendance of the annual meeting required for involvement in the NRFC?

Participating in the annual meeting of the National Resident and Fellow Council is highly recommended; however, we understand that in general residency is one of the busiest times of life. Attending the annual meeting is where the connections to other Christian residents and fellows from across the country will be made, and these connections will often last a lifetime. The biggest impact you can have with this ministry is when you are gathered together in person, so we highly encourage you to attend. Again, we recognize that this may not be possible and do not want your not being able to attend the annual meeting to keep you from joining the NRFC.

How do I raise funds to attend the annual meeting?

Raising funds to attend the annual meeting and the CMDA National Convention is ultimately the responsibility of the NRFC member and potentially his/her local CMDA Chapter. We are also in the process of trying to raise support from other CMDA members to create a scholarship fund to help increase resident and fellow attendance at future meetings.

How often do NRFC meetings occur?

As of now, NRFC meetings will take place through web-based format every six weeks.

Are there specific events held for the NRFC members?

The specific goals and activities for the NRFC will be decided upon by the NRFC members themselves. There certainly is potential for an NRFC-based short-term mission trip, fundraisers or a specific NRFC conference. What the future looks like will be up to you!