April 2014

One of the most powerful things in my life has been the influence of Christian healthcare professionals who integrate their calling to follow Jesus into their career in healthcare. Watching them live out their faith with deep integrity has planted seeds of desire to emulate their passionate love of our Lord in practice, family life and daily walk deeply into my soul.

The relationships and mentors you develop through CMDA can likewise influence you. But to have that influence, you must be around the influencers. We highlight a few great options in this April newsletter for you to do so. I strongly encourage you to choose one or more in which to engage.

At the CMDA National Convention, you will rub shoulders with hundreds of Christian healthcare professionals and their families representing all sorts of specialties. With a ton of student related activities, fellowship and mentoring potential-you can't go wrong! There's still time to sign up at the greatly discounted student rate.

If you want to experience that same fellowship, but on an international scene, join me and other CMDA leaders at the World Congress of the International CMDA this summer.

Perhaps you're contemplating a medical missions trip? Interested in a $500 scholarship available to CMDA students? Read on below to learn how to apply.

Time is precious. Like money, how you invest it makes all the difference! Lift up your head from your studies for a moment, consider some of the great options available to you and invest it in becoming the Christian healthcare professional God has designed you to be.

Praying for you as you continue your journey,

J. Scott Ries, MD
Vice President, CMDA
National Director, Campus Ministries

Think About It: Monthly Food for Your Soul
The Battle is Not Yours
by Will Gunnels, MDiv, CMDA Southern Regional Director

"...for the battle is the Lord's."(1 Samuel 17:47, NIV 2011).

Today you could travel to the Elah Valley in Israel and pick up a stone out of the brook that once separated David and Goliath, and the Philistine army from the army of Israel.

The giant challenged anyone from the army of Israel to go "one-on-one" with him to determine the outcome of the battle. For 40 consecutive days, twice a day, Goliath had no takers. Despair had settled into the ranks of Israel.

But one day, a fresh troop walked into the valley. Sent by his father to resupply his brothers who were determined not to fight, David caused a stir. He took issue with the giant and started asking questions, and in the process took some heat from his faithless brother Eliab and got the attention of King Saul.

His big brother questioned David's motives, his responsibility, his relevance, his ego and his heart. "Why have you come down here? Who have you left with those FEW sheep? I know your presumption. I know the evil of your heart."

David, so full of faith that he didn't even reply to Eliab's questions. Instead he pursued the matter with the king, who was just as faithless. He told David, "You don't have the experience, the skills, the physical ability, the right battle armor or weapons. You don't have what it takes to defeat this giant." Two of the people David looked up to had let him down and tried to drag him down.

The Lord brought Israel victory that day because his servant David had faith in the Lord. He had a little ability, some experience, some skills and an adequate weapon. But there is something about deep faith that almost looks like insanity. David believed there is nothing impossible for God. There is nothing too hard for God.

Take a minute and read the story in 1 Samuel 17 and be encouraged by the shepherd boy David who stepped into the battle and won victory for the Lord.

I don't know what battle you may be facing, but as a follower of Jesus, your battle belongs to the Lord. It's not yours to fight alone. You may need to ask bold questions today. Or not listen to someone who could bring you down. Or take action that makes people wonder about you and may make you uncomfortable.

You may need to step out of the box and take steps of faith in your situation. You may need to stare down fear when everyone else is fearful. Our job is to please the Lord, not men.

Student & Resident Life Webinar Series

This month, join Dr. Ries as he welcomes Roger Gum, senior financial advisor with Ron Blue and Co., to explore: "Financial Faithfulness." You won't want to miss this timely topic on our CMDA Student & Resident Life Webinar Series. Be sure to register right away and join us live on Sunday, April 20!

And the winner is...

More than 20 campuses submitted great designs for the 2014 CMDA Student T-shirt contest! Want to know who won? Join us at the annual meeting of the National Student Council at the CMDA National Convention! In the meantime, check out the great entries on our student website, under the Connect section.

CMDA National Convention

There is still time! Register now for the special Student Discount at the CMDA National Convention in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Great activities especially for students, including the annual meeting of the National Student Council, Life Skills Institute, bonfire and S'mores, and more! Check out the video of 2013 CMDA Convention highlights!

Attention All Dental Students

Register now for the 2014 Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium! Join us June 13-15, 2014 at the CMDA headquarters in Bristol, Tennessee for a weekend of exploring Christ-centered topics that will help you grow as a leader in dentistry. Total cost for students is $50 and includes lodging, meals and the conference. The deal of the century. Don't miss it!

Missions Scholarship

Have you been considering taking that step of faith and serving on a short-term medical missions trip? How would you like a $500 scholarship to help you put that foot forward? Now CMDA students can access the Naomi Kim Student Scholarship Fund, available on every Global Health Outreach trip! Just click on the GO tab on our student website to learn more. Check out the many trips available to you through CMDA's GHO.

International CMDA
World Congress

On July 21-26, 2014, you have the remarkable opportunity to join a group of students and residents from CMDA-USA and travel to Rotterdam, Netherlands to grow, learn and worship with medical students and doctors from around the world. This is the 50th year celebration of the International CMDA, at the World Congress Conference, which occurs only every four years. Some partial scholarships are available, so if you are interested in attending, please send us a note at ccm@cmda.org.

National Student Council

Are you heading toward your third or fourth year? We want you! Stay engaged with CMDA and like-minded students across the country. The National Student Council is a great way to engage, be encouraged and discover great opportunities to serve God through healthcare at an even broader level.

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