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Embryo Adoption Works: Living Proof

The Point Blog | By Jeffrey Keenan, MD, Mark Mellinger | March 22, 2018

Back in December, you might have seen the media coverage of a 26-year-old woman successfully giving birth to a healthy baby girl who had spent almost 25 years as a frozen embryo. Emma Wren Gibson’s birth made global headlines. She and her parents, Benjamin and Tina, became familiar faces on newscasts and in web articles as the world learned that what once sounded like science fiction had become reality. The longest-frozen embryo to ever successfully come to birth had entered the world.

Three California Bills Needing Attention

The Point Blog | By Andrè Van Mol, MD | March 20, 2018

There are three bills pending in the California Assembly that beg your attention and action. They clearly seem intended to stand as national models. Dr. Andre Van Mol provides a brief on these bills, followed by talking points regarding their problems and where to lodge your protests.

Authority and Vulnerability

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses how healthcare professionals need both authority and vulnerability in their practice of healthcare. Vulnerability can help to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, as well as further the work of the gospel.

Organoids for Medicine

The Point Blog | By David Prentice, PhD | March 08, 2018

A recent innovation in creating model systems for studies of physiology and development has been the construction of organoids. These three-dimensional cellular structures resemble miniature organs in terms of functionality, and they can even be used to model development and differentiation and disease, as well as drug development. In this week’s blog post, Dr. David Prentice discusses the ethical implications of this new innovation.

Christian Doctor's Digest - March 2018

Christian Doctor's Digest | March 07, 2018

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens’ focus is on the new Health and Human Services Division on Conscience and Religious Freedom. He interviews Roger Severino, the Director for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Sara Hellwege, who filed a federal lawsuit in 2014 on the basis of discrimination due to her religious and moral convictions. Plus, check out an excerpt from this year’s devotional speaker at the 2018 CMDA National Convention.