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The latest up-to-date information on the legislative, ethical and medical aspects of abortion.

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CMA doctors support administration proposal to tighten abortion-related safeguards in family planning funding

News Release | May 18, 2018

CMA CEO Dr. David Stevens: "Taxpayers want their money to support healthcare, and abortion is not healthcare. The 19,000-member Christian Medical Association (CMA, today expressed support for administration plans to disentangle taxpayer funds from abortion as a method of family planning.

Abortion and Sex Issues Incite Opposition to Conscience Freedom Rule

The Point Blog | By Jonathan Imbody | May 02, 2018

In a continuing series of blogs on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody shares the discrimination stories of two nurses who faced losing their jobs for refusing to participate in abortions.

How We Got Where We Are: Same-Sex Reproduction

There are many examples of issues that were once unthinkable slowly becoming somewhat accepted, then becoming ordinary and commonplace, and eventually, for many in society, becoming the new standard of normality. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Robert Cranston discusses one of these issues that uses human embryonic stem cells.

Christian Medical Association highlights implementation of new US policy keeping tax dollars from abortion groups overseas

News Release | February 07, 2018

The 19,000-member Christian Medical Association (CMA,, today lauded the administration's implementation of the new Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy.

Jonathan Imbody, CMA Vice President for Government Relations, said the policy is "effectively advancing human rights consistent with the values of the American people and the aims of US foreign health aid, by ensuring that all global health assistance tax dollars will be used to save lives and promote health and welfare for all."

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Letter

Letters | January 22, 2018

Letters to Senator Mitch McConnell from Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator James Lankford, Senator Steve Daines, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator Joni Ernst and coalition regarding voting on Pain-Capable bill.

National Institute of Family & Life Advocates v. Becerra

Court Briefs | January 18, 2018

Amici Curiae consists of American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Pediatricians and Christian Medical Association 

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Coalition Letter

Letters | September 20, 2017

Letter to Representative Kevin McCarthy regarding the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (H.R. 36). 

Amici Brief - Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

Court Briefs | June 13, 2017

Brief filed by Americans United for Life in support of Plaintiffs, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Bruce Rauner and Bryan Schneider. 

American Health Care Act Pro-Life Letter

Letters | June 13, 2017

A letter sent to Senators on June 12, 2017 highlighting the importance of pro-life protections in the Republican “replacement” to Obamacare. Pro-life groups cannot accept a healthcare bill that funds abortion. This group letter insists on a solution that does not involve abortion funding. You can view this letter here.

Christian Doctor's Digest - April 2017

Christian Doctor's Digest | March 23, 2017

Dr. David Stevens speaks with Valerie Huber, Os Guinness and Jeanne Mancini in this latest edition of Christian Doctor's Digest.

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