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2018 Talks List and CME Info

CME COST: WPC normally offers 12 hours of possible CME credits at each year’s conference. The cost for CME is a flat $40 which is not included in the conference cost. 

TIMES OFFERED: This year there are 13 scheduled CME talks, with 2 overlapping for a maximum credit total of 12 hours. The cost for CME is a flat $40 which is not included in the conference cost. We offer 4 credits on Thursday in the pre-conference sessions from noon-5 (attendance at the pre-conference is included in the conference cost), 4 credits on Friday and 4 credits on Saturday.

CME TALKS LIST: Below, please see a chart showing the majority of talks scheduled for the 2018 WPC Conference. 
CME talks are highlighted and the list is complete. The CME credits are pending approval by AAFP.

There will be some additional workshop titles added. Thank you for your interest in the conference, and please email if you have any further questions.

Talks List for 2018 Vermont WPC conference  (yellow highlighted talks are awaiting CME approval)    

  1. When the Doctor Needs a Doctor: The Joy of Mental Health for Medical Professionals    
  2. The Joy Found in Understanding Personality Types of Patients and Practitioners    
  3. Telomeres and Torah: The Science and Faith of Longevity    
  4. The Care of Anorectal Disorders in the Primary Care Setting    
  5. Recognizing and Treating Emotional Trauma in Children and Adolescents    
  6. Diagnosing and Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents    
  7. Called to Lead    
  8. Opioids: Trends, Tools, and Training    
  9. Sepsis and Septic Shock - Definition, Diagnosis and Management    
  10. Applying the Evidence for Spiritual Health    
  11. Adult Children, Aging Parents: Strategies for Addressing Common Challenges    
  12. Adult Children, Aging Parents: Facilitating Difficult Conversations    
  13. Obesity and Weight Loss: Can Weight Loss Be Sustained?    
  14. Creating the Life that You Love: Navigating Life's Decisions after Residency    
  15. Joy When Life is Hard    
  16. Surrender Your Junior-God-Badge    
  17. Joy in Freedom    
  18. Creating the Life you Love Part 2:  Negotiating Curves and Potholes of Your Career    
  19. Why Suffering?    
  20. Joyful Leadership    
  21. From Exhausted to Energized: Replenishing Your Energy Reserves??    
  22. Stewarding Patient Relationships for Success    

       Please note: The workshops list is not complete, additional talks are being finalized/awaiting titles. 
CME talks have been sent for AAFP Prescribed Credits.