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Media Training Testimonials

What past participants are saying about the training:

I just wanted to let you and everyone else at CMDA aware of the many benefits I received from your media training event that I participated in at CMDA. I cannot even begin to relay how valuable it was. Not only was the training wonderfully organized and delivered by superb individuals, it launched me into becoming a public media figure - something I never saw coming.

Since my training in late 2015, I have given many presentations to large audiences, done radio interviews, and even television. The training gave me the confidence I need to deliver the messages I feel passionate about, and do so in such a way that my voice is now heard.

Not only was the training helpful for allowing me to pursue a public persona, while there I was met with kindness, love, caring, and compassion, all of which I remain extremely grateful for.

I would recommend your media training to every physician!

— Blessings, Sandy Dettmann, MD, DABAM

"The CMDA media training course helped me vastly improve how I communicate my Christian doctor values on radio and TV, and it did so at a tenth of the cost of secular media training. I highly recommend this course!"
— Rita Hancock, MD

"The media training was one of the most powerful and though-provoking, as well as humbling experiences I have had in a long time. I wish I had taken it some 25 years ago, had it been available. I will send the info to other likeminded physicians--it is truly a valuable opportunity!"
— Dee Kotschwar, MD

"The Media Training course provides the students with the tools necessary to be able to state their postions clearly and effectively. It has certainly worked for us!"
— Dave Stein, MD

"I’ve been active with local pro-life groups. Media training from CMDA helped me become confident in my ability to express a Christian worldview. I’m not up in front of the TV cameras, but when I interact one-on-one or in small groups I frequently use the tools learned from the course."
— Ron Bryce, MD

"I got to use the training you provided to interact with the media by being a guest on a local conservative talk radio station discussing Obamacare. I had the opportunity to defend right of conscience and the pro-life position. The host invited me for 30 minutes and kept me on for 90 minutes (until the show ended). He commented on how comfortable I was and on my use of "sound-byte" phrases - all taught to me by you guys. I hope to be invited back at a later date. Thanks again for all you do for all the members and what you have done for me."
— Grady Crosland, MD

"Excellent balance of learning vs. doing. The practicums were really revealing and educational. Most helpful: Drs. Stevens and Rudd's critique of practicum. Excellent balance of techniques vs. motivate (love). Video review helpful AFTER practicum. Expert teaching from practioers, excellent."
— Jimmy Lin, MD

"Great stuff. It was nice that the class was small, so we got a significant amount of studio and radio time. The review of Drs. Stevens and Rudd own media experiences was good. The critiques are honest and therfore useful. Probably the best services/training program I've ever been to--just keep it up! Continue it for our community of believing MD's to be better prepared to "always be ready to give an answer!"
— Dr. C. Brent Boles

"Extremely helpful exercise to be comfortable in front of a camera or on the radio."
— David Levy, MD

"Just fantastic! So supportive and encouraging. Everyone should do this!"
— Margaret Cottle, MD

"I heartily recommend the CMDA media spokesperson training for any CMDA member physician or dentist who wishes to give, or expects to be confronted with, TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine interviews about any subject related to medicine or health. It is critically important to have Christian health professionals who are both expert in the particular subject matter being discussed, and prepared so that they do not make embarrassing mistakes in the eye of the public.

The CMDA media training first of all covers the basics that media spokespersons need to know:

  • to keep to one's single overriding communication objective and not allow a media person to hijack the agenda
  • to find out the purpose of the interview and who else has been interviewed
  • to postpone the interview and call back if you need to review critical information before you speak
  • to speak clearly and confidently and not say "uh"
  • to say 'I don't know' if you don't know rather than speculate; and
  • a number of other key tips.

Ms. Margie Shealy, CMDA media relations officer, has a way of teaching all these things thoroughly, in an encouraging way, without making the novice feel overwhelmed.

Then, the media training gives the trainee a chance to practice both radio and television interviews on tape, and to be critiqued by oneself, one's peers, and individually by two of the top spokespersons in all of medicine -- Dr. David Stevens and Dr. Gene Rudd. One should be prepared to be humbled by this experience, but in my estimation there is no better way to improve one's skills.

Although I have also taken media training at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, I found the CMDA media training invaluable in preparing for the media encounters that have come my way as a spokesperson on bioethical issues on which I do research. The training is also of great value for clinicians who have to discuss matters of health care policy, and also discuss case findings of importance without inadvertently breaching patient confidentiality."
— Reg

"I had media training with the CMDA in Bristol in May, and it really equipped me to handle various recent interviews, including the most difficult kind – speaking into a black monitor while only able to hear the interviewer’s questions. So thank you for all the work you do."
— Dawn

"Two weeks ago I was asked to comment on our senators position on stem cells. A local TV station wanted a physician to offer a contrasting view. Because I had attended this recent course, I understood the need to respond to this request. I looked at my schedule - my day was packed. I had a lecture to give at noon, and a series of back-to-back meetings following that. At the time of the request, the only unscheduled hour of my day was the next 60 minutes. I accepted an interview time 30 minutes from the time I hung up the phone. I called my wife to ask her to pray for me, spent 30 minutes in preparation and went to the interview. The newsperson complimented my efforts. I drew heavily on principles I learned in the course. I thank God for how he used this course to help me in that moment. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work."
— Eugene Smith, MD

"I was extremely impressed by the intermingling of friendliness and professionalism while I was there. I must say I was intimidated coming in to the media weekend do to my complete lack of media experience and lack of knowledge of the issues. In spite of that, I learned so much in that short amount of time. The environment was so friendly and open, mistakes were viewed as just another way of learning. The experience and expertise of the leaders was impressive and assuring.

The weekend was priceless preparation that I feel all Christian medical leaders should experience. Yesterday in Sunday School, we were talking about Christians on reality TV shows and how they are under a microscope and many just wait for them to make a mistake. In media, especially in the areas of science and ethics, Christians must always be aware that their opinion might not be popular and there are many pitfalls in getting their message across.

Thank you again for all of your help during the media weekend."
— Jeremy

As I drove away from the beautiful headquarters on Saturday evening, trying to take in all that I had experienced and learned this weekend this song came on the radio. I am sure I've heard before, but had never really listened to it.... The song is by Casting Crowns, called 'the Voice of Truth'. I am attaching the lyrics into this email so you can all read these marvelous words of encouragement for those, like me (and Moses, by the way!) who are reluctantly pursing this, but feel sure that it's orchestrated by our Lord.

If you can hear the song it will probably be even more apparent to you why I now am convinced that I am on this path as part of His purpose for my life. Perhaps you could adopt this as the theme song for your spring seminar! I know all of you must be tired, but hopefully this song will inspire you in the important work that you do there at CMDA. Thanks for a wonderful learning and challenging weekend.

Blessings to all of you!"
— Karyn