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Deer Valley Summer Family Conference

Start Date: 04:00 PM, 06/16/2018

End Date: 10:00 AM, 06/23/2018


City: Nathrop

State: Colorado

Mark your calendar! Our CMDA Deer Valley Family Conference dates for 2018 are June 16-23.

Join us at Deer Valley Ranch for conference sessions on the topic of “A Professional Marriage Built to Last” led by bestselling authors Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn.

A Professional Marriage Built to Last • Shaunti Feldhahn, MPP & Jeff Feldhahn, JD
It’s no secret that professional marriages have unique challenges due to the stresses associated with a demanding career in healthcare. It doesn’t take long for a spouse to realize that the hoped for slow-down after residency will never come – that being a virtual single parent was not temporary. It is easy to think, “Romance? Are you kidding me? He falls asleep practically the moment he comes home.” And from the other side of the surgical mask comes the feeling that, “All I get is ragging when I do get home along with a list of what I haven’t done. Maybe working long hours isn’t such a bad idea after all?”

Numerous studies have also shown that when a healthcare professional’s personal life is under stress, the professional life is adversely impacted contributing to less than optimal patient care, diminished relationships with co-workers, burnout, and depression.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn have found that a professional marriage doesn’t have to be a melt-down of conflicting unmet needs and wants. Marital pressures don’t have to be a source of distraction and anger carried into the examination room, or result in hostile interactions with colleagues and staff. In fact, a professional marriage can be a source of great delight for both partners. In a challenging professional environment, this most personal of relationships can provide the ultimate support and encouragement when it is needed the most.

As a Wall Street analyst, Shaunti Feldhahn and her New York attorney husband, Jeff, felt their own professional marriage headed in the wrong direction. They began using their unique analytical background for groundbreaking research on relationships. Their eye-opening findings have not only rejuvenated and restored their fast-paced life and work but the marriages of countless other couples. Their research has led to ten books, including the breakout best-sellers For Women Only and For Men Only, which have sold over 2 million copies in 24 languages. Their work is widely referenced by countless marriage counselors, psychologists and even corporations. 

The Feldhahn’s have found that most marital relationship challenges are due to a failure to recognize emotional, neurological, and psychological differences between men and women. That professional marriages can be improved by applying some simple principles that dramatically improve not only marriages but relationships in the office and in the care of patients. When those principles are understood and knowledge applied, relationships can change. By understanding some key gender differences and relational success factors, healthcare professionals can improve their romantic and family relationships which may reduce stress and improve personal physical, mental and emotional health while also improving workplace relationships leading to a more positive, productive, enjoyable environment for healthcare professionals, patients and staff.

Hear what Walt Larimore, MD, author of His Brain/Her Brain says about the Feldhahns: 
Barb and I love reading everything the Feldhahns have written. The information they share has changed our marriage and informed our writing and speaking about marriage, our marriage counseling, and my practice of medicine. But, as helpful as it’s been to read their amazing research and extremely practical recommendations, it’s even more fun to hear them speak. Simply put, they are a “hoot,” as we say in the South. And, to be able to get to hear them and interact with them in a setting as small and as intimate as Deer Valley is an experience not to be missed. We guarantee you’ll not only not regret attending, you’ll remember this week the rest of your life. We just wish our schedule would have allowed us to be there with you all. Anyway, don’t put it off. Sign up today. This one’s guaranteed to fill up very, very quickly

As our 2018 Deer Valley Summer Conference presenters Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn will lead daily sessions designed to entertain, inform, educate, challenge and above all give couples in demanding careers hope that great marriages are possible, even for the complex world of professional marriages. A variety of learning modalities will be used contributing to a delightful mix of continuing education and participant interactions.

CMDA Registration Fees**
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Member w/Spouse $450
Member only $400
Missionary/Resident/Retired w/Spouse $350
Missionary/Resident/Retired Only $300
Guest Adults (attending CMDA adult sessions) $100/person

Continuing Education Fee for nonmembers*

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