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Practice By The Book

A Christian Doctor's Guide to Living and Serving
by Gene Rudd, M.D. & Al Weir, M.D.

Has the joy gone out of your practice of medicine or dentistry? Has your calling become just a job? Ever wonder if your practice is making an eternal difference? Do the pieces of your life still fit together? Are you neglecting important areas of your life? Are you a workaholic or perhaps already burned out? Practice By the Book is just what the doctor ordered! In addition to their own contributions, Drs. Weir and Rudd have drawn on scores of years of experience by compiling content from more than a dozen Christian colleagues into a compendium that teaches doctors how to live a life guided by biblical principles. It covers the waterfront of life; from professional to personal--from character to money--from caring for the poor to caring for their families. This book is suitable for both individual and group study.

263 pages

Information also available in DVD form.


Price : $16.95