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Christian Dentist's Oath - framed

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Use this beautiful print to let your patients know your role as a healer. Christian Dentist's Oath is printed on a creamy parchment paper and framed in a nicely detailed cherry-colored frame. Double matted with the larger mat in cream and the inner mat in red. Image size is about 10" x 16". Frame size is about 14.5" x 21" Makes a great gift!

The text reads:

Christian Dentist’s Oath

With gratitude to God, faith in Christ Jesus, and dependence on the Holy Spirit, I publicly profess my intent to practice dentistry according to the highest biblical and professional standards for the glory of God.

With humility, I will seek to increase my skills, and I will respect those who teach me and who broaden my knowledge. In turn, I will freely impart my knowledge and wisdom to others.

With God’s help, I will love those who come to me for healing and comfort. I will honor and care for each patient as a person made in the image of God, striving to put aside selfish interests.

With God’s guidance, I will endeavor to be a good steward of my skills and of society’s resources. I will convey God’s love in my relationships with family, friends, and community. I will aspire to reflect God’s loving kindness in caring for those in need.

With God’s grace, I will live according to this profession.

Christian Medical & Dental Associations (1991)

It becomes every person who purposes to give himself to the care of others, seriously to consider the four following things: First, that he must one day give account to the Supreme Judge of all the lives entrusted to his care. Second, that all his skill and knowledge and energy, as they have been given him by God, so they should be exercised for His glory and the good of mankind, and not for mere gain or ambition. Third, and not more beautifully than truly, let him reflect that he has undertaken the care of no mean creature; for, in order that he may estimate the value, the greatness of the human race, the only begotten Son of God became Himself a man, and thus ennobled it with his divine dignity, and far more than this, died to redeem it. And fourth, that the doctor being himself a mortal human being, should be diligent and tender in relieving his suffering patients, inasmuch as he himself must one day be a like sufferer.
Thomas Sydenham (1624 – 1689)


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