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Just Add Water Volume 6.1

Session 1Overview of Human Trafficking featuring Jeffrey Barrows DO, MA (Bioethics)
Presents a basic level of knowledge about human trafficking, both domestic and international. True stories illustrate how a person can be caught up into the trafficking web. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is discussed along with barriers that prevent the finding of victims. 17 minutes.

Session 2 - Human Trafficking and the Healthcare Professional featuring Jeffrey Barrows DO, MA (Bioethics)
Specifically designed for the healthcare professional and will help them learn the important role they have in finding victims of human trafficking. The health consequences of human trafficking are discussed as well as various warning signs that a patient may be a victim. Clear and definite steps are given to the healthcare professional regarding how they should prepare themselves to intervene should they encounter a trafficking victim in their practice or in an overseas environment. 17 minutes.



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