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Faith Steps

by Jonathan Imbody

Faith Steps encourages and equips people of faith to boldly and respectfully engage our neighbors and our culture on controversial issues—not as political partisans but as wise and winsome ambassadors.

Marriage and sexual issues, freedom of faith and conscience, abortion, assisted suicide and human trafficking: The stands we take and the choices we make on such vital issues, as individuals and as a nation, matter now and for eternity. Whenever we adopt or reject God's principles for living, we are taking momentous steps—faith steps—toward or away from God. Decisively rejecting the stifling notion that people of faith should remain mute on controversial social issues and shun the political arena, Faith Steps reveals the responsibility and opportunity for courageous and compassionate engagement with our neighbors and our culture.

Free download – 13-week Bible study and discussion guide.

266 pages


Price : $12.97