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Faith Steps

Drawing on the author's decades of experience in Washington, D.C. in government relations and communications, the book provides practical, in-the-trenches communications strategies to address and engage individuals and society on the most controversial and consequential issues of our day.

Price : $12.97

Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

Helping the Same-Sex Attracted Faithfully Follow Jesus

As Christians seek to be biblically faithful on the issue of homosexuality, two fundamental questions come to mind: How can a person with same-sex attraction faithfully follow Jesus in his or her sexuality? And how can we support and encourage them in this?

Price : $14.99

In Our Backyard

In recent years, Americans have woken up to the reality that human trafficking is not just something that happens in other countries. But what most still do not understand is that neither is it something that just happens to "other people" such as runaways or the disenfranchised

Price : $14.99

Paper Genders

Profoundly clear, well-documented and fair.

Price : $17.99

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

When Christian couples want to further develop their love life, it can be difficult to locate trustworthy resources. Sexual Intimacy in Marriage cuts through the fog of misinformation about sex to help couples find the fulfillment God intended for their sexual relationship.

Price : $14.99

Surfing for God

More than 70 percent of Christian men report viewing porn in the last year, so it's no surprise that more and more men struggle with this addition. This powerful book shows us all how to overcome the compulsion once it begins.

Price : $15.99

Time for a Pure Revolution

This book is a hard-hitting and well-researched look at the truth about sex directed at parents and leaders of young people. Doug Herman gives practical strategies for pursuing sexual purity and personal integrity.

Price : $13.99

Under the Fig Leaves

This well-organized guide includes real-life case studies as it explores the seasons of life and how they impact sexual intimacy. Dr. Bill Cutrer considers the physiological, relational, and theological bases for sex.

Price : $5.00

We Cannot Be Silent

Twenty years ago, not one nation on earth had legal same-sex marriage. 

Price : $24.99

When Harry Became Sally

The transgender movement has hit breakneck speed. In the space of a year, it’s gone from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights.

Price : $27.99

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