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Medical Missions: Get Ready! Get Set! GO!

This book is a short-term medical mission GPS that will guide you every step of the way to successful service and ministry.

Price : $12.95

Miracle at Tenwek

A humble Indiana farm boy, Dr. Ernie Steury built one of the most successful medical mission facilities in the world. You will be inspired to follow his example to influence others far beyond their physical needs.

Price : $14.99

Mission Drift

Why do so many organizations wander from their mission, while others remain Mission True? Can drift be prevented?

Price : $14.99

No God But One

No God but One: Allah or Jesus? addresses the most important questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity: How do the two religions differ? Are the differences significant? Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? And most important, is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth?

Price : $17.99

On Being A Missionary

This book was written for everyone who has an interest in missions, from the praying and giving supporter back home to the missionary on the field or about to be. The goal is to ensure that when you get to the field you will be able to avoid many of the problems that have plagued others.

Price : $21.99

Operation World

Engage your heart and mind in global prayer through this valuable resource. It is loaded with clear, concise and accurate information about the people and prayer needs for every country in the world.

Price : $18.00

Prescription for Hope

Follow Dr. Carolyn Klaus and her friends as they struggled to open and maintain an inner city health center, while learning important principles about the kingdom of God along the way.

Price : $13.99

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi provides an intimate window into American Muslim life, describing how a passionate pursuit of Islam led him to Christ through friendship, apologetics, dreams and visions.

Price : $13.99

Spiritual Equipping for Mission

All of our strategies and methodologies for reaching others are useless if we are incapable of living the holy, faithful lives God intends for us. Yet God does not leave us on our own. The Holy Spirit equips us to succeed and thrive spiritually in preparation of becoming God’s message bearers in the world.

Price : $15.00

The Handbook of Medicine 4th Edition

The fourth edition of this popular resource is hot off the presses! If you're going on a missions trip, you need a copy of this book.

Price : $39.95

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