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A Time To Heal

How One Surgeon's Relentless Obedience to God Brought Healing to Hundreds of Thousands--and to Himself
by C. Scott Harrison, M.D.

This book covers historical and spiritual events:

  • Scott's surgical initiation in the Vietnam War
  • Scott's raw ambition and drive for success as a surgeon
  • His conversion story at the age of 40
  • His short-term mission trips to do surgical work in Africa
  • God's call to Scott and his wife, Sally, to work with the 140 million crippled kids in the world who need healing
  • Launching a non-profit hospital organization in third-world countries after the age of 60
  • The challenge of running hospitals in less than ideal political and economic circumstances
  • Issues connected with Scott's closed head injury and their affect on key relationships
  • Multiple points throughout his life when Scott felt God leading him Scott's story is a story of DOING.

A life of action. This action has come at a cost. There have been successes and failures but in it all, God was there.

232 pages



Price : $22.99