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Healing the Scars of Childhood Abuse

The deep pain of childhood abuse--whether physical or emotional, whether a child was neglected or wished nothing more than to be left alone--doesn't just go away. There's simply no just getting over it. Even if no physical scars remain as evidence of the victim's suffering, the deep wounds on their minds, hearts, and souls are still there. But it is possible to become whole and happy.

Price : $13.99

Healing the Wounded Heart

With great compassion, Dan B. Allender offers hope for victims of rape, date rape, incest, molestation, sexting, sexual bullying, unwanted advances, pornography and more, exposing the raw wounds left behind and clearing the path toward wholeness and healing.

Price : $16.99

Healing the Wounded Heart - Workbook

Dan B. Allender has written a brand new book on the subject that takes into account recent discoveries about the lasting physical, emotional, relational and spiritual ramifications of sexual abuse. This workbook accompanies this recent publication. 

Price : $14.99

Health & Hope

This awe-inspiring resource from the International Christian Medical & Dental Association offers you hours of quiet reverie as you immerse yourself in its pages of beautiful landscape photography.

Price : $15.00

Health, Healing and Shalom

This word, often translated “peace,” names a much more complex understanding of human wellbeing as right relationships with one another, with God and with creation.

Price : $24.99

Hearts in Healthcare Devotions

A Women Physicians in Christ devotional with the mission to encourage and support Christian women physicians and dentists as we share the unique challenges of our multiple roles. 

Price : $5.00

His Brain, Her Brain

His Brain, Her Brain shows what couples instinctively know—men and women are different and these divinely designed differences make a marriage stronger and happier.

Price : $14.99

Hope for Joy

Each purchase of Hope for Joy helps educate a young Ugandan boy or girl. Thank you for each purchase, as you are helping to change generations, one life at a time.

Price : $18.99

Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

Helping the Same-Sex Attracted Faithfully Follow Jesus

As Christians seek to be biblically faithful on the issue of homosexuality, two fundamental questions come to mind: How can a person with same-sex attraction faithfully follow Jesus in his or her sexuality? And how can we support and encourage them in this?

Price : $14.99

Household Gods

Household Gods offers an examination of the culture that spawned family idolatry and the steps we can take to flee this idolatry and escape to the cross.

Price : $14.99

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