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Audio and Visual

Just Add Water Volume 2.7

Session 1 - Faith Factor in Physical & Emotional Disease featuring Walt Larimore, MD
Session 2 - Should Clinicians Incorporate Positive Spirituality into Their Practices featuring Walt Larimore, MD

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 3.1

Sessions 1 & 2 - Christian Apologetics for Health Professionals featuring Robert Martin, MD

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 4.1

Session 1 - The Benefits and Challenges of Mentoring featuring Inis Bardella, M.D.
Session 2 - Who Says You Can't Do It All? featuring Elisa Ghezzi, D.D.S.

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 4.2

Sessions 1 & 2 - Building a Community Based Ministry featuring Al Weir, M.D.

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 5.1

Session 1Achieving Balance in Life featuring Autumn Dawn Galbreath, M.D., M.B.A.
Session 2Am I Living With Joy in My Life? featuring Al Weir, M.D.

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 6.1

Session 1:  Overview of Human Trafficking featuring Jeffrey Barrows DO, MA (Bioethics)

Session 2:  Human Trafficking and the Healthcare Professional featuring Jeffrey Barrows DO, MA (Bioethics)

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water Volume 6.2

Session 1:  Moral Relativism featuring John Patrick, MD
Session 2:  Stem Cells...The Promise...The Debate featuring David Stevens, MD

Price : $10.00

Just Add Water: Practice By the Book set

Has the joy gone out of your practice of medicine or dentistry? Has your calling become just a job? Practice By the Book DVD presentation, including sessions by Dr. David Stevens, Dr. Gene Rudd, and Dr. Al Weir, will teach you how to live a life guided by biblical principles.

Price : $50.00

Mission Survival Kit--on CDs

This resource will help not only medical personnel, but will equip anyone wishing to go on a short-term mission trip.

Price : $9.99

More Than Meets the Eye - DVD

More than Meets the Eye is a four-part series (approximately 30 minutes for each part) on two DVDs, demonstrating a God who is brilliant and wise, powerful and precise, intimate and personal.

Price : $19.95

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