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Beyond Medicine

As a healthcare missionary in today's landscape, the success of your ministry depends on your ability to manage the non-medical tasks you encounter each and every day. Dr. Stevens uses his own personal experiences, expertise and insight to guide you through these topics.

Price : $12.95


Genocide. Terrorism. Hate crimes. In a world where racism is far from dead, is unity amidst diversities even remotely possible?

Price : $20.79

Blue Backpack

With the CMDA logo embroidered on the outside pocket, this CMDA backpack is a great way to share about CMDA on your campus.

Price : $21.95

Border Crossing

Border Crossings is the compelling story of Dr. David Beyda's medical mission trips to Cambodia, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Swaziland, and Gaza-to give aid to the forgotten children and adults who receive little or no medical attention or nutrition.

Price : $24.95

Celebration of Discipline

The Path to Spiritual Growth is hailed by many as the best modern book on Christian spirituality with millions of copies sold since its original publication in 1978

Price : $20.00

Christian Bioethics

The book examines these topics under three general headings: the taking of life, the making of life, and the faking of life. Christian Bioethics is a guidebook for pastors, health care professionals and families―anyone facing difficult decisions about health care.

Price : $24.99

Christian Culture & Controversy

Christians are often confused by medical bioethical issues. They feel they lack adequate information and understanding to develop meaningful judgments concerning the varied bioethical positions presented

Price : $9.95

Christian Dentist's Oath - framed

This framed print of the Christian Dentist's Oath offers you the perfect opportunity to share your faith with your patients, your staff and your colleagues.

Price : $38.00

Christian Dentist's Oath - unframed

Use this beautiful print to let your patients know your role as a healer. Hang it in your waiting room, in the exam room or in your office as a faith flag.

Price : $20.00

Christian Healthcare Professional's Oath - framed

This elegant print is designed especially for healthcare professionals who are not physicians.

Price : $50.00

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