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House of Representatives

Mission Statement
The CMDA House of Representatives exists to represent both the members and the Associations, so that:

  • the mission, vision, ministry, voice and governance of CMDA may reflect God's will as discerned by the membership;
  • the ministry opportunities and activities of CMDA can be communicated and implemented throughout its membership, the Church, and the community.

View the Bylaws established and maintained by the House of Representatives.
Download file CMDA Bylaws

Job Description
Accountable to: Trustees and Grass-Roots Constituency

Pray for the organization, its leaders and its mission
Orient new CMDA members to the services and opportunities for ministry and service
Recruiting new members
Be available to nurture, support, and disciple CMDA members as the Lord leads
Promote the mission, vision and needs of CMDA to the local constituents
Relay the general needs and opportunities for ministry to the Trustees
Participate in annual job training at the national convention
Vote on issues that arise at the annual meeting of the House

CMDA Member
Committed to the mission and vision of CMDA
Committed to the duties outlined above
Completed application and screening process for Representatives
Agreement with the Leadership Standards as defined in the Board Policy Manual

Annually during the House or National Convention

Time Commitment:
The National Convention and a minimum of 1 regional meeting. Occasional time allotted for other duties.

Financial Commitment:

Get Involved

To apply for consideration to serve as a House Representative, please submit a Leadership Self-Referral Application below and a Leadership Commitment Form. Be prepared to submit a current CV to the Executive Assistant.

CMDA Leadership Self-Referral Application

Omit information you wish to keep confidential.

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     By Fax to (423) 844-1017
     By Mail to CMDA, Attn: Executive Assistant, P.O. Box 7500 Bristol, TN 37621
     By E-mail to
    Before submitting your application, please copy your application from this page and save it to a Word document. If after submitting, you do not receive a message thanking you for completing the application, please contact CMDA's  Executive Assistant at 423-844-1000. Thank you for your patience.
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    For more information, please contact:

    Executive Assistant
    Phone: (423) 844-1000
    Fax: (423) 844-1017