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CMDA Speaks Out

October 2017

Docs' group files in support of Christian baker's rights (OneNews Now)

Mass. lawmakers hear testimony about assisted suicide bills (

Bergsengs utilize their medical skills on mission trip (McLeod County Chronicle)

Aid-in-dying bill draws personal testimony (Berkshire Eagle)

Emotions high on both sides of L'Italien's right-to-die bill (Lowell Sun)

September 2017

Emotions run high in Kafka’s `dying’ bill (Wicked Local Canton)

Aid-in-dying bill testimony: Framingham rep Walsh says he would want choice (Metrowest Daily)

Death with Dignity or Pressuring the Ill to Die? (New Boston Post)

UK investigates doctor for treating transgender kids as young as 12 (Lifesite)

HHS hears opposition to weakening ACA’s anti-discrimination rule (AMA News)

Raising Healthy Kids (Faith Radio)

Congress, don't tax giving: Charity helps people while saving government costs, op-ed (Philanthropy Daily)

August 2017

Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments (Christian Post)

May 2017

Vermont Assisted Suicide Law Can’t Force Doctors to Refer Patients for Suicide (LifeNews)

Chaplain Alliance praying Trump not done (OneNews Now)

FTC complaint claims Left getting rich off lies (OneNews Now)

Can gov’t discriminate against churches? Supreme Court case puts religious liberty on the line (Lifesite News)

April 2017

23 and Me (and You): Let the Buyer Beware (Healthzette)

Advice from physician: Know thyself  OneNews Now)

March 2017

Effects of Legalizing Marijuana  (Salem Radio, "Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand")

Mrs. Obama's lunch program on the chopping block? (OneNewsNow)

Trump Admin Should Relieve Doctors, Hospitals of Obama-Era Trans Initiative (CNS News)

Defending dignity at life’s end (Rutland Herald)

Northwest doctors rethink aid-in-dying drugs to avoid prolonged deaths (Seattle Times)

February 2017

Supporters worry Congress will ban right-to-die laws (Healthcare Finance)

Congress Signals Opposition to Assisted Suicide; Proponents Fear State Laws in Jeopardy (Flagler LIve)

Docs In Northwest Tweak Aid-In-Dying Drugs To Prevent Prolonged Deaths (The Gilmer Mirror)

Right-To-Die Fight Hits National Stage (East Oregonian)

Docs In Northwest tweak aid-In-dying drugs to prevent prolonged deaths (USA Today)

Dental health more than fighting tooth decay (OneNewsNow)

January 2017

Insde Track: Physician rebounds to restart career (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

Dr. Joy Riley speaks out on human cloning (The Newsmakers)

Dr. David Stevens on the dangers of Physician-Assisted Suicide & the Importance of End-of-Life Care on Episode 41 (Culture Matters)

Diana Barnard End-Of-Life Law Working As Intended (VTDigger)  

A New Court Ruling Could Make Health Care Harder to Get for Transgender People (Yahoo News)

Report Card: Judge Blocks HHS Transgender Mandate (Cardinal Newman Society)

U.S. Judge Halts ObamaCare Rule Covering Transgender Sex-changes and Abortions (New American)

Texas court strikes down reg forcing doctors to do ‘sex changes’ on kids (Lifesite)

December 2016

U.S. psychiatrists speak out against euthanasia (World Magazine)

Parties weigh-in on assisted suicide exemption as court decision looms (Vermont Watchdog)

November 2016

ADF Fights ACLU For Michigan Catholics, Genesys Helath's Right to Avoic Performing Sterilization Procedures (The Dispatch)

Clinics Sue Feds Over Order too perform Gender Transitiions (WorldNetDaily)

Lawsuit Challenges Fedeal Regulation (

North Dakota Sues Obama Admin Over 'Gender Transisitions' (Christian News Net)

Vermont Trying to Force Doctors to Help Kill Patients (LifeNews)

Beebe Doctor Aids Nicaraguan Medical Mission (Cape Gazette) 

October 2016

Religious freedom and healthcare — what our candidates should know (The Hill)

State Assembly passes assisted suicide (The Monitor)

Doctors, patients testify against assisted suicide in New Jersey (The Monitor)

Hurricane Matthew hits Caribbean (WCYB-TV)

Students participate in international medical missions (Gwinnett Daily Post)

Campbell White Coat Ceremony (Campbell University News)

Clinton Defends Killing Babies (LifeNews)

Groups Challenge Vermont Law that Pushes Discussion of Physician-Assisted Suicide (National Catholic Register)

Congressmen Concerned HHS Rules on Sex Change (Christian News Network)

September 2016

Vermont's Suicide Rule Requires Doctors Violate Medical Ethics (World Net Daily)

ADF Helps Vermont Health Care Professionals Opt Out Of Euthanasia Practices, Assisted Suicides (The Dispatch)

Chimeras: An ethical crisis crying out for comment (OneNews Now)

August 2016

Gender dysphoria - once rare, now 'trendy' (OneNews Now)

States, religious groups sue HHS over transgender treatment requirements (Fox News)

California Judge Rejects Request to Suspend assisted suicide law (New York Times)

Judge keeps in place California law allowing physician assisted suicide (Reuters)

Zika Virus, Dr. Susan Rutherford on the Brian and Kathleen Show (Moody Radio- Cleveland, OH)

Doctors Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them to Perform Gender Transition Procedures (Daily Signal)

More States Weigh "End of Life" Laws for Terminally Ill (USA Today)

NIH and Chimeras, Interview with Dr. David Stevens by Bill Arnold (Faith Radio)

Why so many doctors oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide (Deseret News)

Dr. Tom Eppes radio interview on PAS and AMA Code of Ethics on the What's Up Radio Program with Terry Lowry

July 2016

Will Obama sign the Conscience Protection Act? (American Thinker)

Doctors sue Vermont over Assisted Suicide Law that violates their conscience (Christianity Today)

National Embryo Donation Center (WVLT-TV)

Christian Groups Sue Vermont Over Physician-Assisted Suicide Law (VTDigger)

Vermont doctors push back against assisted suicide requirement (Washington Times)

Groups Sue Vermont state agencies over assisted suicide law (Seven Days)

'Doctors are healers, not killers': U.S. Medical Association reaffirms opposition to physician-assisted suicide (Chrisitianity Today)

U.S. House members in bipartisan vote pass Conscience Protection Act (CNS News)

Bishops urge passage of conscience protection bill (Catholic Philly)

June 2016

Chinese doctor preparing for first human head transplant (Christian Post)

Hey docs, are you healers or death dealers? (OneNewsNow)

Canada leads CA in helping you end it all (OneNewsNow)

May 2016

At Issue: Medicine's role in disarming America (OneNewsNow)

Physician-assisted suicide up for debate (Medical Economics)

April 2016

Parents question gender ed., 4-yr.-old booted (OneNewsNow)

Victory for religious rights: U.S. district court refuses to force Catholic hospitals to kill babies (Christian Today)

ACLU Attempt to Force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions Hits Road Block (Christian Post)

March 2016

Bringing Medical & Dental Care to Impoverished Communities (Deluxe Cares)

Possible HIV cure good news – but some caveats (OneNewsNow)

It's confirmed: Politics can be bad for your health (OneNewsNow)

'Exit plan’ for terminally ill may bypass lawmakers (Des Moines Register)

ADF comes to defense of Catholic Hospital Network (OneNewsNow)

ACLU Attempting to Force Catholic Hospital to Kill Babies in Abortions (

Mission of Mercy: What's Next? (Commercial Appeal)

Parkway board narrowly approves revised sex ed curriculum (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Death with dignity forum Thursday in Chapel Hill (News & Observer)

Court allows doctors to support hospitals, staff in ACLU suit that seeks to force them to commit abortions (Baptist Message)

February 2016

Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand, Dr. Eva Quiroz on Zika virus (11.60 Hope Radio)

PC Gets the Gold in Olympic Policy (OneNewsNow)

December 2015

ACLU Files Lawsuit to Force Catholic Hospital Network to Do Abortions (

Clothed in Compassion with Dr. Reginald Finger on Connecting Faith (Faith Radio)

November 2015

New Obama Administration Rule Would Make Christian Groups Pay for Abortions (LifeNews)

Christian Groups to Obama: Back Off Abortion, Gender Transistion and Gay Marriage (Christian Post)

Should the FDA tell Congress to back off? (OneNewsNow)

"I did what God asked me to do" (

October 2015

Helping the 'blind' to see (OneNewNow)

Legalized assisted suicide is dangerous (Washington Examiner)

Beyond Success (Richmond Mag)

July 2015

Bills emerge to increase birth control access (OB/GYN News)

Christian Doctors Look to Make a Difference (Clay Today)

Death with dignity is often coerced by those with financial interests (Washington Times)

Dr. Julie Griffin on "Connecting Faith" talking about immunizations and health lifestyles (KTIS Radio) 

June 2016

Life and Death in Brownback's Kansas (The Nation)

Frozen Embryo Population hits 1 million in U.S. (Aleteia)

Be alert to stop sex trafficking (Fayetteville Observer)

Doctor Assisted Suicide Sends the Wrong Message (San Diego Union Tribune)

Should there be a cutoff age for physicians (OneNewsNow)

AMA fuels vaccination debate (OneNewsNow)

Tennessee lawmakerse hear testimony on "Death with Dignity" bill (WJHL-TV)

Physician assisted suicide death law in Tennessee is anything but certain (Tennessean)

Death and The Fourteenth Admendment (Western Journalism)

Religious Freedom on Trial in New Jersey (American Clarion)

May 2015

Show us the facts on homosexual therapy (American Clarion)

Doctors, clergy join to host Community Outreach (Winchester Herald)

Hope for victims of human trafficking (Faith Radio)

American College of Physicians endorses gay ‘marriage,’ opposes reparative therapy (Lifesite News)

Survival rates for youngest preemies rouse pro-life advocates (Washington Times)

April 2015

Dentist provides care to those in need at home, overseas (JD

The Sleeping Bag Project / CMDA Student Chapter at the Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA (Page 9)

March 2015

How we die 10 years after Terri Schiavo (Christianity Today)

How do you bill for teaching parents? (MedPage Today)

The Hyde Amendment and effect on Human Trafficking Victims (Washington Post)

Tennessee affirms same-sex marriage, not bigotry (The Tennessean)

Dr. David Stevens reacts to politicians' plan for medical marijuana (OneNews NOW)

February 2015

Assisted Suicide is not Death With Dignity (Baltimore Sun)

OB/GYN supports CO law over pot warning (OneNews NOW)

Debate on assisted suicide (Global TV)

Assisted suicide ban ruled unconstitutional (Yahoo Canada)

Doctors weigh in on Supreme Court ruling knocking down ban on assisted suicide (Toronto Star)

Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide (CBC Alberta)

Cancer, Genetics and Privacy (OneNewsNow)

Doctor has advice for other docs on the anti-vaccine beliefs (OneNews Now)

January 2015

Dilemmas in Healthcare - Part 1 (Dr. Gene Rudd on the Terry Lowry Show)
Dilemmas in Healthcare - Part 2 (Dr. Gene Rudd on the Terry Lowry Show)

November 2014

Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys? (Christianity Today)
Assisted suicide bill  passes in New Jersey Assembly (WABC)
Dr. Gene Rudd discusses Same-Sex marriagewith Terry Lowry (What's Up Radio)

October 2014

Beating Ebola: Time for a new game plan (American CurrentSee)

Plan: Respond to Ebola but don't panic (One News Now)

Dr. J. Scott Ries on Moody Florida with John Blok

Dr. J.Scott Ries with an update on Ebola (Austin Hill Show)

Dr. J.Scott Ries on New Day Indy with Kelli & Linda

Ebola: Beat the fire while it is far (American CurrentSee)

Ebola: Dr. J.Scott Ries on the Bill Martinez show

Ebola in Africa (Austin Hill Show)

Ebola Strikes US: Are We Prepared? (Women of Grace)

Ebola and Medical Missionaries

Dr. David Stevens on The Morning Drive with Rich Anderson

Dr. David Stevens on The Austin Hill Show

CDC: Ebola confirmed in Dallas patient (Washington Times)

Dr. David Fisher on dying well (WMB)

September 2014

Doctors may soon use a blood test to diagnose depression (World News)

Ebola: Beat the fire while it is far (American CurrentSee) 

Ebola: Dr. J.Scott Ries on the Bill Martinez show  

August 2014

Local Organization Takes Risks To Help Others (WCYB-TV)

Ebola Outbreak doesn't deter medical missions (USA Today)

American doc with Ebola has heart to help the nations (OneNewsNow)

July 2014

Hobby Lobby Bill Falls short in Senate (Medpage Today)

Christian doctors encouraged but cautious after Court ruling (Catholic News Agency)

What the Hobby Lobby ruling means to people of faith (Los Angeles Times)

May 2014

Feds push promising anti-AIDS drug...but it's not that simple (OneNewsNow)

Doctors Under Fire for Religious Objections to Abortion, Contraception (Christian Post)

Will U.S. Medical Boards Force Doctors to prescribe abortifacients? (World Magazine)

April 2014

Harvard study finds marijuana messes up the brain - literally (OneNewsNow)

February 2014

Program lets Chinese medical students shadow Augusta doctors (Augusta Chronicle)

January 2014

Big questions come up in issue of womb transplants (OneNewsNow)

December 2013

Binge drinking on rise among teens (OneNewsNow)

November 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Healthcare Law Again

Docs heading to Philippines, need more volunteers (OneNewsNow)

October 2013

Dr. Jeff Lewis joins Wander Years in Guatemala (Transformed Traveler Radio Podcast)

Christian doctors wary as health care law kicks in (WTOP)

Obamacare May Trigger Exodus of Christian Doctors (CharismaNews)

Christian doctors wary as healthcare law kicks in (OneNewsNow)

Christian Doctors Wary as healthcare law kicks in ( Obamacare May Trigger Exodus of Christian Doctors (CBN News)

September 2013

Dr. Don Thompson shares his lessons from mission work (Transformed Traveler Radio Podcast)

National Association of Evangelicals: Freedom to Assemble in Front of Abortion Clinics (The Christian Post)

ERLC challenges abortion clinic buffer zones (Baptist Press)

Unborn Baby shortly After Conception is "Not a Living Being" (

National Embryo Donation Center Receives Grant (SBWire)

Internet addictions growing, number of clinics too (OneNewsnow)

August 2013

Death with Dignity Act is not the answer (The Record)

Pediatrician Fears Obamacare (Heritage Network)

Doctor on a mission to combat modern slavery (Courier Journal)

The future of health care (Faith Radio)

Is Abortion a Breast Cancer Risk (World Magazine)

Study: TV a danger to motor, social skills (

Obamacare Threatens Charitable Hospitals (

Christian Medical Association Welcomes Students (Dothan Eagle)

July 2013

Religious Charities Ask Congress To Save Charitable Deduction in Tax Overhaul (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Local chapter members apply Christian values to health care issues (Yakaima Herald Republic)

Parents, Daughters Gain Illinois Victory in Parental Notice of Abortion Battle (Christian Newswire)

Do fetuses feel pain? (Southern CA NPR Radio Interview)

June 2013

Black Robes 'Delegitimize' Supreme Court (WND)

Pediatricians have a new mission: Fight ‘homophobia’ (Washington Times)

'Obesity' now a disease, says AMA; now what? (OneNewsNow)

May 2013

Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough To Revive Cloning Debate (Christianity Today)

Abigail and Samuel (World Magazine)

Plan B isn't 'preventive medicine,' says Christian physician (OneNewsNow)

Local doctor elected ACP fellow (Hernando Today)

April 2013

There are other options to suicide (Independent Record)

March 2013

Visualizing the very end (Scienceline)

Morning-After Pills Don't Cause Abortions (NPR)

Dr. Margaret Cottle says physician-assisted suicide is a double standard (CBC)

Sex trafficking needs more awareness (Washington Times)

Doctors say abortion bill will hurt women (Legislative Gazette)

February 2013

Critics: NY Gov's Abortion Bill Would Hurt Women (WSJ)

Doctors Claim NY Abortion Bill Will Hurt Women (Channel 1--ABC NY)

Critics: Cuomo's Abortion Bill Would Hurt Women (Channel 4-NBC NY)

Pro-life advocates protest abortion expansion (Albany Times)

Doctors coalition claims Gov. Cuomo's abortion bill will hurt women (AP)

Doctors warn against expanding abortion rights in NY (Gannett)

DoD Now Will Fund Abortions in Pregnancies from Rape, Incest (U.S. Medicine)

Drury Hotels Challenges HHS Abortion Mandate in Obamacare (

CMDA to Hold Conference (

Radio interview with Todd Wilkin of Issues, Etc. on the HHS Mandate (Issues, Etc.)

Religious Conservatives Blast New Obamacare Contraception Rules (Newsmax)

Pro-Life Groups Blast Revisions to Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate (Catholic Fire)

HHS Mandate Changes Are Nothing More Than an Accounting Trick (Independent Sentinel)

Pro-Life Groups Blast Revisions to Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate (

Doctors to Obama: You've Failed Again (WND)