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2013 Member Awards

2013 Educator of the Year Award
Louis L. Carter, Jr., MD and Anne Carter, RN

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“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well” (Romans 12:6-7, New Living Translation).

Dr. Louis and Anne Carter have spent their lives following this instruction given in Romans by the apostle Paul: “If you are a teacher, teach well.” As they were both blessed with the ability to teach and influence others, they have spent more than 30 years teaching well for the glory of God. It is due to this dedication to educating and influencing others that the Christian Medical & Dental Associations is proud to present the 2013 Educator of the Year Award to Dr. Louis and Anne Carter.

Throughout the years, this award has been given to Christians who are dedicated to the area of medical or dental education. These devoted individuals provide only the best education for their students. They encompass knowledge, morality and compassion for mankind. They inspire others to excellence, while they themselves continue to learn. Undeniably, they are committed to God and living out their faith.

Louis and Anne were married in 1962. At the time, Anne was already a registered nurse while Louis was a student at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. After he graduated in 1964, they spent five months at a mission hospital in Tanzania before returning to the U.S. to complete his internship and residency in general surgery at Parkland Hospital and University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. Between 1974 and 1996, Louis and Anne served with SIM in southern Nigeria in a rural hospital. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1981, Louis completed a plastic surgery residency at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. After serving on the plastic surgery faculty at UT Memphis for one year, Louis and Anne returned to Nigeria to serve at Evangel Hospital in Jos. In 1987, they left Nigeria to receive hand surgery training and later to teach plastic and hand surgery at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

In 1996, the Carters returned to full-time missionary service with SIM, not as traditional medical missionaries but in teaching for six to 12 weeks at mission hospitals around the world to teach general surgeons basic plastic and hand surgery. Louis is the only plastic and hand surgery missionary from the U.S. Because of their prior missionary service, they saw first-hand the need for this training as most missionary general surgeons have little training or experience in reconstructive surgery. As an operating room nurse, Anne also teaches the other operating room nurses and technicians at the hospitals they visit. An essential part of their ministry includes providing each hospital with books, instruments and equipment so that the host doctors may be able to continue treating their patients with these new techniques long after the Carter’s have left. They also plan return trips to each hospital to provide additional training and equipment. In the last 18 years, they have made 79 trips overseas, visiting 28 hospitals in 21 countries.

Dr. Carter most recently was involved in editing Principles of Reconstructive Surgery in Africa, an e-book on reconstructive surgery for general surgeons in Africa. A project of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons, the book covers reconstructive problems common in Africa that aren’t mentioned in Western textbooks.

Throughout their years of service in medical education, they remain dedicated to their mission, “That the deformed may be healed and hear the Good News.” Louis and Anne’s life-long dedication to education through medical missions continues to play an integral role in meeting the needs of so many across the world. It is in recognition of this service that CMDA proudly presents the 2013 Educator of the Year Award to Dr. Louis and Anne Carter.

2013 President’s Heritage Award
Robert Scheidt, MD

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“I never forget h ow God helps me, and it is therefore my last wish that everything may be to his honor.” Søren Kierkegaard

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations is honored to present the 2013 President’s Heritage Award to Robert Scheidt, MD. This award is given to an individual whose life and work support the mission of CMDA.

Robert “Bob” was born in Celina, Ohio in 1934. He was a 1956 graduate of Wheaton College and earned his medical degree from Northwestern Medical School in 1960. During the Berlin Crisis, he served in Germany as a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps for three years. After returning to the U.S., he completed his postgraduate surgical training at Northwestern University and began private practice in general surgery in his hometown of Van Wert, Ohio in 1969.

From that time until 2001, Dr. Scheidt practiced general surgery in various locations in Ohio. He was known to be a quiet and conservative man, in addition to being an excellent surgeon and physician. He loved classical music and would drive into Chicago as a season ticket holder of the Chicago Symphony to enjoy a night of music produced by a world-class orchestra. After a brief illness with cancer, he passed away on Saturday, December 14, 2012. At the time of his death, he was serving as a prison chaplain at the Lima Correction Institute. Bob is survived by his wife Sandra, four children and 10 grandchildren.

A lifetime member of CMDA, Bob joined the organization as a student during medical school and remained actively involved throughout his career. He served CMDA in many ways but will always be remembered for the year he stood in the gap during a crucial transition of leadership. He served as president of CMDA from 1993 to 1995, helping to manage the organization after the General Secretary’s resignation. His leadership left a big imprint on CMDA. According to Dr. Don Wood who served on the Board of Trustees with him, “His leadership as president was a joy to behold. He ran a good meeting, was knowledgeable and always ready with a quote or quip. He was a student and teacher of the Word of God…he poured over the Gospels to know Jesus better.”

After his term as president ended, he served as the chair of the Ethics Committee for many years. He helmed the panel of experts, helping to craft CMDA’s ethics statements and positions on various issues to ensure they were in line with Scripture. He was known for handling the process with control, candor and humor. He also served as a spokesman to various media and news outlets. In addition, Dr. Scheidt led short-term mission trips to the Dominican Republic for 20 years.

Those who knew him described Bob as a unique individual, a C.S. Lewis scholar, a lover of traditional hymns, and an avid reader. His particular fondness for Kierkegaard led him to author the anthology titled Kierkegaad the Christian. But Dr. Scheidt was most passionate about his Lord Jesus Christ. In a personal note to Dr. Wood, Bob wrote, “The best is yet to come. We’ll see each other, and we’ll all see Jesus.”

It was this constant focus on serving Jesus that Bob will be most remembered for by his family, his friends and his colleagues. In recognition of a life devoted to serving CMDA and doing everything for the Lord’s honor, CMDA is honored to posthumously present the 2013 President’s Heritage Award to Dr. Robert Scheidt.

2013 Servant of Christ Award
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Millie Bransford

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“If you make any human being your model, let it be the apostle Paul. Considering him merely as a man, what noble and elevated sentiments he possessed, what undaunted courage he displayed…” John Williams, 19th century missionary

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations is honored to present the 2013 Servant of Christ Award to Dr. Richard and Mrs. Millie Bransford. Established in 1972, the Servant of Christ Award honors those whose careers exemplify commitment to medical excellence along with a stalwart faith in Jesus Christ. Like many of the great missionaries and evangelists of the past, the Bransfords’ journey as servants of Christ carried them to numerous far-reaching locations in countries around the world. As this year’s recipients, their career in medical missions spans more than three decades as they blend their commitment to Christ with service to others through a remarkable dedication to excellence in medicine.

Dr. Bransford was born in Long Beach, California. He began his educational path in his home state at Compton College and completed his degree in physics at UCLA, but he soon headed to the East Coast for medical school where he married his wife Millie in 1965. Millie studied mathematics at the College of William and Mary, and was a charter member of the school’s chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Richard graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland in 1967. He had surgical residency positions in West Virginia and Nebraska; afterwards he served two years as a surgeon in the Air Force in Washington.

In 1975, their journey began following an international course as he and Millie traveled first to Switzerland with AIM International. While in Switzerland, they spent time trying to learn French in preparation for future work while also raising their small children. In 1976, Richard earned a degree in Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium. With that training in hand, the Bransford family set their course for the mission field. It’s a life path that they have remained committed to for more than three decades.

Dr. Bransford’s work on the mission field as a career medical missionary began with surgery appointments in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Comoro Islands. From 1978 to 1998, they served at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, and Richard even worked as the acting Executive Director for a period of time. While they served in Kijabe, Millie used her skills in math to work as a mathematics teacher, in addition to teaching Bible and French at several different national schools in Kenya. In 1998, Dick and Millie helped found Bethany Crippled Children’s Centre in Kijabe. He held several different positions with this new program including medical director, program director and pediatric rehabilitation surgeon. Fueled by a desire to improve the lives of African children through surgical intervention, they went on to co-found Bethany Relief and Rehabilitation International, now known as BethanyKids, in 2001. BethanyKids seeks to transform the lives of African children with surgical conditions and disabilities through pediatric surgery, rehabilitation, public education, spiritual ministry and training health professionals. Today, it now assumes responsibility for all children’s services at Kijabe Hospital and is the only accredited training center in East Africa for pediatric surgeons.

Their focus on caring for the underserved became the defining theme of their entire career as medical missionaries. In 2010, Dick was awarded AMA’s Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine and the ACS Surgical Humanitarian Award. Today, Dick and Millie continue to follow God’s path as they travel throughout locations in Africa, spreading both compassionate care and the gospel throughout their journey. To this day, Richard still continues to serve as a consultant to several hospitals throughout Africa. When discussing the organizations he has worked with or supported over the years, Dr. Bransford said, “Each was birthed with a view to glorify God, and most through the compassionate care of children and their families. Each has borne fruit for eternity. I have no doubt that each was placed in God’s hands, and each was guided carefully by Him.”

Dick and Millie have seven children, including two they adopted while living in Kenya, and 17 grandchildren. In recognition of their lives focused on traveling in the footsteps of Christ with undaunted courage to serve the underserved, CMDA proudly presents the 2013 Servant of Christ Award to Dr. Richard and Mrs. Millie Bransford.