When: February 15 - 23, 2014

Where: El Sembrador, Honduras

Who: Primary Medicine & Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Nurses & Logistics (non-medical helpers), 1 - 2 Pastors (to take an active part in the Spiritual aspect of the team and work with the National Partners/Spiritual Counseling)

Status: Accepting Applications

Special Travel Announcement: Unless you are instructed by GHO or your team leader, do not book your own travel. Please email ghotravel@cmda.org prior to the ticket purchase if you want to use frequent flyer miles and/or want your number added to the ticket.

Project Fee: $1,420 plus airfare and $15 per hour for up to 7 hours CME/CDE (if applicable)  Click here for more information on CME/CDE

Team Leader: David Byler, MD

To read Dr. Byler's Biography Click here.
Further Details: The project to El Sembrador is a primary medical and dental care opportunity for primary care personnel. El Sembrador is a 1,800 acre farm school for underprivileged boys (approx. 100) run by World Gospel Mission, where they are able to obtain an education through high school level.  There is also a 3 year Bible Institute there.

The location, in the far eastern portion of Honduras and Olancho Province near the town of Catacamas, is very rural and close to mountains. We use the school as a base for our lodging and food.

We will spend the first clinic day there examining the boys, farm school personnel, and people from the surrounding villages who can walk in to be seen. The school clinic also has a 2 chair full dental facility.

Each day following, we will go out to remote villages, where health care is difficult to obtain, to treat people from the area of that village. Primary care, both medical & dental, will be provided. More importantly, we will be using this as a means to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all will be prime participants in this witness, as will several students from the Bible Institute at El Sembrador who will accompany us each day. Our return each night will be to clean housing, water and excellent food.

We need primary care physicians, dentists, and support personnel willing to reach out and share Christ’s love and message to very wonderful people. Pray that God may show you a direction that may open a door for your involvement.

Vaccination Information: Wondering what immunizations you’ll need for the mission trip? Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control website.