When: May 24 - June 6, 2014

Where: B_rkina F_so

Who: Primary Medicine & Dentistry, Pediatricians, Malnutrition specialists, Dermatologists, Infectious Disease specialists, Ophthalmologists capable of field cataract surgery, Optometrists, Medical Technicians, EMT's, Pharmacy, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Logisitics (non-medical helpers), 1 - 2 Pastors (to take an active part in the Spiritual aspect of the team and work with the National Partners/Spiritual Counseling) - Primitive Conditions!

Special Note: This trip will close 65 days prior to departure to medical personnel (DPharm, RN, PA, NP, MD, DO, Dentists) due to the need to have all medical credentials to the ministry of health 60 days prior to arrival!

Status: Accepting Applications

Travel Announcement: Unless you are instructed by GHO or your team leader, do not book your own travel. Please email ghotravel@cmda.org prior to the ticket purchase if you want to use frequent flyer miles and/or want your number added to the ticket.

Project Fee:  $1,795 plus Airfare and $15 per hour for up to 14 hours CME/CDE (if applicable)  Click here for more information on CME/CDE

Team Leader: Anthony Sheplay, MD

To read Dr. Sheplay's biography Click Here.

Trip Details: This is a unique 11 day trip to one of the poorest country on earth, B_rkina F_so, West Africa.  It will be a challenging but rewarding trip, only for the "stout of heart", due to the primitive conditions.  We will serving and staying in rural villages, sleeping on cots in buildings without electricity or running water. This is an opportunity to live among the people we will be serving and learn the culture. The temperatures will be in the 90s and 100's.  We will have 5-6 long, full days of medical clinics - the balance of our time is for travel to and from this remote area. We will being doing outreach to several remote villages during the trip. The team will be treating a wide variety of tropical / medical illnesses with a focus on Malaria in children.

Our in-country partner is Shattering Darkness. Lynn Kennedy began the ministry in 1998 under auspices of the International Mission Board. Eleven churches have been established (representing 36 villages and 2 people groups). Seven couples have been commissioned and have relocated to interior villages as church-planters. Seventeen weekly Bible teaching and worship meetings are held. Shattering Darkness produces a gospel teaching radio ministry, which is broadcast into four countries (Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and B_rkina F_so).  Solar and wind electrical power has been introduced by teams. The number of short-term U.S. mission teams  who have served in B_rkina F_so through Shattering Darkness continues to increase, assisting with church construction, leadership development, evangelistic crusades, discipleship, marriage enrichment seminars, adult and child evangelism, and medical missions.

B_rkina F_so has a relatively stable "democratic" government with minimal unrest.  The official language is French, so if you speak any French you will be an asset.  We will have interpreters to help with English to French to Dagara tribal language.  With that said...you will return changed by the strong faith of our national partners and the vibrant ministry of Shattering Darkness, by the extreme medical needs of the people, by the depth of your sacrifice to serve Jesus Christ.  Do you want an adventure to serve our Lord and see Him work mightily?  Then this is the trip for you!

We are praying for our future team, if God is calling you to join us, don't miss His blessing.

For any questions, Contact Anthony Sheplay at asheplay@painandspine.net

Vaccination Information: Wondering what immunizations you’ll need for the mission trip? Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control website.