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Deadly Cure


by William Cutrer, MD & Sandra Glahn

The explosive continuation of the story that began the best-seller Lethal Harvest! Dr. Tim Sullivan is dead and the critical records for his last few weeks of genetic research are missing. His well-intentioned foray into illegal human cloning has left a legacy of danger in its wake. With the bio-genetics world desperate to obtain the secrets unearthed by the research, Dr. Sullivan's surviving family and colleagues, Marnie Sullivan, Dr. Ben McKay, and Dr. Luc Morgan, find themselves struggling to survive a treacherous mix of hidden agendas, ethical breaches, and life-and-death decisions. When does human life begin? Is it ever appropriate to end it? Ben and Luc wrestle with these issues and find themselves in a blinding matrix of human motives as they struggle with consequences of the Deadly Cure created by their former partner. Paperback. 363 pages. BK6177

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- Fiction