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To find out about the relief efforts Global Health Relief and the Salvation Army provided in the Philippines, go to our blog at Financial donations to support these efforts are still needed; click here to make a tax-deductible contribution and select Global Health Relief from the drop down box.

If you are potentially able to participate in a future disaster response, please click here to fill out a brief form. 

Global Health Relief’s Mission
GHR exists to show the compassion of Christ to those affected by disasters around the world through medical, dental, spiritual and psychological care.

About Global Health Relief
Providing healthcare in a relief situation is a much more challenging endeavor than short-term missions. Health needs are dire and life threatening. Local health systems may have been damaged by the natural or manmade disaster. The large number of sick or injured overwhelms the professional and structural resources, as well as the available equipment and supplies needed to meet the need.

GHR is ready to meet those healthcare needs with its rich reservoir of doctors and great relationships with nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and other Christian professional organizations.

The Salvation Army and GHR will work together to help combat the various and overwhelming needs in a crisis situation. GHR will provide the medical teams needed to meet urgent needs, while the Salvation Army will provide the logistical support through its corps located in more than 150 different countries. Through this relationship, GHR’s teams will be able to get their “feet on the ground” as soon as possible in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

For more information about this new ministry, click here to read an article written by Dr. David Stevens.

A Team Approach
GHR will be led by a seasoned leadership team with a wealth of experience from around the world. When a crisis occurs, that leadership team will identify opportunities where GHR can make a difference in the lives and hearts of victims.

A core team of leaders will be located at the site of the crisis on a long-term basis. That core team will be reinforced and strengthened by groups of short-term health and logistical volunteers who will serve for a week or longer.

Relief personnel have the privilege of being God’s hands and demonstrating His heart to those suffering and in desperate need. Team members do what Christ commanded us to do. Like the Good Samaritan, they refuse to “pass by on the other side.” They are not content to change stations when word of a new disaster hits the airwaves of their TV. They go, realizing that though it may cost them comfort and security, they are laying down their desires and their agendas to love and care for their “neighbors.” Just like, “Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14, KJV), they go to the helpless and hopeless in His name.

Get Involved
We need your help to make this new ministry successful and you can get involved in several ways:

- Are you willing to meet people at their point of greatest need and introduce them to the Lord through compassionate care and witness? Do you desire to use your skills to bring hope and healing in the midst of tragedy? If so, don’t wait for a disaster to get started. Join our “On Call” list and get involved today! Click here to apply.

- Relief teams can only be effective when they are properly equipped. Rescuers must be self-sufficient to avoid risk needing rescue themselves. We need to create stores of durable supplies and equipment  that can be ready to be deployed with our teams at a moment’s notice. Will you consider partnering with us by donating to help adequately equip our disaster response teams? Click here to go to our donation page and select Global Health Relief from the drop down box.

- Pray, pray, pray! Pray for the countries being affected by disaster that urgently need relief. Pray for the wisdom of our leadership teams. Pray for the safety of our short-term volunteers. Pray for the effectiveness of this ministry and we seek to build God’s kingdom as we meet people at their greatest point of need.

How do you spell relief? G-H-R – Global Health Relief