We are dedicated to both domestic and international missions and we have several outreach ministries focusing on missions. Through these ministries, we provide numerous opportunities for healthcare professionals to use their God-given skills to meet the needs of others around the world and to share the gospel with them.

Center for Medical Missions (CMM)
A program designed to serve domestic and international healthcare missionaries in their work as well as aid in the recruitment and retention of career medical missionaries, CMM also assists students with scholarships and overseas rotations.

Contact: Susan Carter, BSN, MPH
Email: cmm@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/cmm 

Continuing Medical & Dental Education (CMDE)
A program designed to provide continuing education in a compact, multiple track model enabling medical and dental professionals serving overseas to affordably earn credit to assist in maintaining licensure in the U.S.

Contact: Collin Sandord, DMD
Email: cmda@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/cmde

Global Health Outreach (GHO)
A short-term missions program that sends 40 to 50 medical, dental and surgical outreach teams around the world. GHO disciples participants, grows national churches, shares the gospel and provides care to the poor and needy.

Contact: Don Thompson, MD, MPH&TM
Email: gho@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/gho

Global Health Relief (GHR)
An outreach ministry partnering with the Salvation Army for short-term relief work by showing the love and compassion of Christ to those affected by disasters around the world through medical, dental, spiritual and psychological care and support.

Contact: Sam Molind, DMD
Email: ghr@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/ghr

Medical Education International (MEI)
A short-term missions program that sends healthcare professionals to teach in academic or clinical settings to bring transformation by advancing medical, dental, bioethical and educational knowledge while sharing the gospel.

Contact: Misty Carter - Administrative Assistant
Email: mei@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/mei

Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS)
A commission that trains and disciples African surgeons to glorify God and provide excellent, compassionate care to those most in need. Training is offered at several well-established evangelical mission hospitals in Africa.

Contact: Bruce Steffes, MD, FACS
Email: paacs@cmda.org
Web: www.cmda.org/paacs


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