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The National Student Council of CMDA (NSC)  is a student driven organization designed to empower Christian Student Leaders to:
  •  Live out their faith authentically
  • Influence the culture of healthcare
  • Unite with other Christian leaders for enduring fellowship
  • Shape the future of CMDA   

The NSC is composed of up to 2 student leaders from every CMDA Campus Chapter on medical and dental schools across the United States.  As a group, the NSC meets 2-3 times per year via web based virtual meeting, and then in person at the Annual Meeting of the National Student Council, currently held in conjunction with the CMDA National Convention.

If you would like to grow as a Christian leader, strengthen your CMDA ministry on your campus, fellowship with other Christian student leaders, and be a part of what God is doing in the lives of student and doctors across the country…we invite you to be a part of the CMDA National Student Council! 

Learn more about NSC from our frequently asked questions.

Join the National Student Council

Also, if you have not already completed the CMDA Leadership Commitment (required of all CMDA leaders) please do so.  


Contact us
: CMDA's National Student Council  1-888-230-2637 or

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Join the Leadership Team
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NSC Annual Meeting
During the 2014 CMDA National Convention