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Membership Levels


We know that each one of our members has different and unique needs based on their professional and personal lives. That’s why we offer various levels of membership opportunities to help meet your needs.

Standard Membership

Graduate Doctors Missionaries
Residents and Fellows  Associate Health Professionals
Students  Spouse
Undergraduate Students  Non-Healthcare Organization 
Physician Assistants
International Membership

Special Membership
Gift Membership
Group Membership
Lifetime Membership


Standard Membership Levels

Graduate Doctors
This membership level is reserved for those who are practicing doctors, academic or uniformed service and hold the following degrees: MD, DO, DDS, DMD, DPM, PhD. Special discounts are offered for those in the first year of practice or uniformed services.

Resident and Fellows
This membership level is reserved for anyone extending their training through a residency program or fellowship.

This membership level is reserved for anyone pursuing a medical, dental, PhD or associate health degree. 

Undergraduate Students

Upon request, CMDA will include pre-professional students (pre-medical and pre-dental) as constituents. These students will be offered access to the routine electronic resources offered to professional
student members for FREE and will also be offered a paid subscription should they want to receive hard copy materials.

Physician Assistants

This membership level is reserved for both physician assistants and students pursuing a career as a physician assistant.

Don’t retire…RE-TIRE instead. And continue to serve Him on the road ahead of you. After you retire from practice, your ongoing involvement in CMDA is still essential to our ministry. We need your WISDOM, your INVOLVEMENT, your MENTORSHIP, your ADVICE and your INPUT. We value your role so much that we’re lowering the cost of your membership and offering a 50% discount for retiree membership.


This membership level is reserved for anyone living or serving on the mission field who is involved in the practice of healthcare.

Associate Health Professionals
This membership level is reserved for anyone involved in healthcare as a professional, but is not a graduate, resident or fellow. Examples of the qualifying degrees are PA, PharmD, RN, NP, etc.


This membership level is reserved for those not involved in healthcare but who are spouses of current or former members.


Non-Healthcare Organization
This membership level is reserved for those companies not involved in healthcare but wish to support the ministry of CMDA by partnering with us.

International Membership

If you live and serve outside the United States or Canada, we encourage you to join us as a member of CMDA. If you live or serve in a creative access country or do not have secure email, please visit our website on a regular basis to search for new publications available for you. We offer two types of international membership. With the paid option, you will receive resources such as our quarterly magazine Today’s Christian Doctor and our audio magazine Christian Doctor’s Digest in hard copy format. With the free option, will receive the same publications electronically. Notifications will be emailed to you and you can download electronic copies of the resources.

Special Membership Levels

Gift Membership

Are you interested in giving a gift membership to a colleague, friend or family member? It’s a great way to honor the recipient while supporting CMDA and helping to grow the kingdom for the glory of the Lord. Give the gift that will change hearts in healthcare. If you would like to provide a gift membership to someone who isn’t a member, we will offer a 50% discount off their first year of membership. Simply provide us with the recipient’s information and we’ll handle the rest. For this program, credit card payments are required. Your card will NOT be charged until the gift recipient affirms our statement of faith and submits a membership application.

Click here to give a gift membership today.

Group Membership

Group memberships are designed with practices in mind as individual practices with five or more members are eligible. There are great benefits to having a group membership, and you can also offer CMDA membership as a practice benefit to your associates.

Who qualifies?
Any practice with five or more qualifying staff members who wish to join CMDA or are current members. A qualifying staff member is defined as a degreed healthcare professional, allied health, resident or graduate practicing doctor.

What are the benefits?

  • Everyone has the same renewal date.
  • Multiple memberships are paid with one single invoice that is sent to a designated contact person, saving both your practice and your associates the trouble of dealing with individual invoices.
  • And best of all…you will receive a 25% discount off each membership rate!

Contact us for more information or to enroll your practice in a group membership. Click here to download a pdf flyer with more information.


Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership to CMDA offers extensive benefits to you as well as helps to ensure that the important work being done for healthcare continues far into the future. It provides a lifetime of opportunity and a lifetime of change.

What are the benefits?

  • You never have to worry about a dues increase again as you lock in today’s rate and will never again pay annual dues.
  • You save time spent on repetitive check writing.
  • You gain a significant tax deduction in the year you join as a lifetime member.
  • You can eliminate your capital gains taxes if you fund your lifetime dues by giving an appreciated asset such as stock.
  • You will receive a lifetime membership certificate and special lapel pin.
  • You experience the satisfaction of providing funding for long-term, life-changing ministries.

How do I become a lifetime member?
The rate for lifetime memberships is determined by age as shown in the chart below.

Age  Graduate Members
Lifetime Dues
Associate Members
Lifetime Dues
Less than 40  $7,800   $2,290
40-49  $7,075  $2,080
50-59  $5,930   $1,770
60-65  $4,680   $1,355
Older than 65  $2,600   $730

Click here to apply online or contact us for additional information.