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Automatic Dues Payment

How Does it Work?

• Your dues payment is charged to your credit card account or drafted from your bank account annually on your anniversary billing date.

• Two months prior to your charge date, you are sent a reminder letting you know the amount that your account will be charged/drafted along with the approximate transaction date.

How Do You Benefit?

• As a thank you for signing up for this program and preventing us from needing to send an invoice to you, we discount your membership by 10% each year.

• You never receive an invoice

• Your services are not interrupted and all mailings will continue to reach you

Terms of the Agreement

By signing up for automatic dues you are agreeing with the following statement: "I hereby authorize the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) to initiate the automatic electronic payment from my designated account as indicated effective immediately. I understand that this authority is to remain in effect until cancelled in writing by me, CMDA or the designated financial institution. Please note, by signing/signing up you are authorizing CMDA to increase your dues (less your 10% discount) with the standard cost of living or if your dues category should change."

Click here to enroll in Automatic Dues Payments.
If you are already enrolled in Automatic Dues Payments, click here to update your payment information.

Thank you!