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Healthcare Reform



What does healthcare reform mean? What are the concerns and the issues? There are lots of questions and lots of opinions. As we embark on what could be the most important event in healthcare history in the U.S., CMDA is speaking out to protect the ethics of medicine and the doctor-patient relationship.

Articles & Commentaries

 Why HR 3200 is No Healthcare Reform by Dr. Gene Rudd  
 Obamacare No Cure At All  
 Breaking the Bank: Beijing and Health Care  
 CMA commentary: What Happens when Bureaucrats Counsel Patients?  
 Is Government using Christian principles to look out for your interests?  
 Healthcare Reform by David Stevens, MD, MA (ethics)  
 Reid Offers Doctors a Deal  
 Reform act benefits only bureaucrats  
   Published in the Tennssean, November 21, 2010
 Abortive Bills  
 Affordable Care Act Impact on Doctors and Patients by CMA  
 Nationalized Healthcare ??? Prescription or Problem? (A Debate)  
   published in the fall 2009 Today's Christian Doctor
 Extremes or Is There a Middle Ground?  
   Dr. David Hager
 Trial Lawyer Lobby Endangers Medicine  
   Published in The Washington Times, April 4, 2011
 WH Now Downplays Public Plan  
   News & Views, August 19, 2009
 Bill Stirs Controversy Over Life-Ending Pressures  
   News & Views, Washington Update August 19, 2009
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