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From the delivery of healthcare to medical malpractice, this section features commentary, news and resources on a wide variety of healthcare topics. Browse the links below for more information.

Ethics Statements

 Human Life Its Moral Worth  
   Approved June 2007
 Allocating Resources  
   Approved May 1999
   Approved May 2000
 Organ Transplantation after Assisted Suicide or State Execution  
   Approved April 26, 2012
 Double Effect  
   Approved June 2005
   Approved May 1991
 Miraculous Healing  
   Approved May 1998
 CMDA Overview on Human Organ Transplantation  
   April 29, 2010
 Doctor & Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Industry Relationships  
   Approved April 29, 2010
   Approved April 29, 1988
 Disabled Persons  
   Approved April 1993
 Christian Response To Adverse Outcomes Arising From Medical Error  
   Approved April 28, 2011
   Approved June 2004
   Approved June 2002; Amended June 2004
   Approved May 1999
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