The Christian Medical & Dental Associations is dedicated to serving as a Christian voice on issues, ethics and public policy, as well as offering valuable resources on healthcare topics to its members.



Choose from the list below to see the latest CMDA information and expert analysis on these current issues.

Beginning of Life
Stem Cell Research 
Reproductive Technology & Health   
Alternative Medicine 
Conscience Rights   
Faith & Health 
General Healthcare  
                           Healthcare Reform  
                           International Healthcare  
End of Life
Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia
End of Life Care  


Human Trafficking
Trafficking in Persons
TIP Report
Trade of Innocents

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On the local and state level, CMDA is committed to providing assistance through grassroots public policy campaigns to promote life-honoring legislation regarding these bioethical issues. For more information about the issues we are currently involved in, click here.

For additional information on CMDA’s efforts in public policy, legislation and news media, please visit our Washington Office section.


The Ethics Committee has set forth CMDA’s official ethical position statements. Largely limited to bioethical issues, these statements are based on scientific, moral and biblical principles, and they are approved by the Board of Trustees and the House of Representatives.

We encourage our members to familiarize themselves with these positions in an effort to adopt the ethical tenets as defined by Hippocratic tradition within your work as a healthcare professional.