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Cloning is asexual reproduction in which an exact genetic copy of another plant, animal or human is made by fusing the DNA from an adult cell into a human egg from which the genetic material has been removed, causing it to divide and grow.  

By definition of the National Academy of Sciences, a clone is an exact genetic replica of another organism.

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations provides up-to-date information on the legislative, ethical and medical aspects of cloning. Click the links below for more information on this important issue.

Ethics Statements

 Ethics Statements: Cloning  
   Approved May 2, 1998

Articles and Commentaries

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   Published by The Denver Post, June 8, 2003
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 CMA's Stevens meets Pres. Bush on Cloning  
   Washington DC - April 10, 2002
 Cloning would invite human horrors  
   Chicago Sun-Times, February 20, 2003
 Ethics of Human Parthenogenesis  
   by William P. Cheshire, M.D.
 President's Council report reviewed  
 Call cloning 'out'  
   Chicago Sun-Times, July 14, 2002
 Values must guide all scientific studies  
 Cloning is a slippery slope  
 Hybrid Animal-Human Embryos  
 FDA Set to OK Food from Cloned Animals  
 Ominous Implications (Washington Times)  
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 The U.N., politicians and cloning  
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