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Overview of Abortion


The Christian Medical & Dental Associations provides up-to-date information on the legislative, ethical, and medical aspects of abortion. Click the links below for more information on this important issue.

Ethics Statement

 Hormonal Birth Control  
   CMDA Scientific Statement
 Association of Abortion and Breast Cancer  
   CMDA Scientific Statement
 Baby Doe  
   Approved May 7, 1982
 Fetal Tissue  
   Approved May 5, 1989
 Parental Consent  
   Approved June 12, 2002
   Approved May 3, 1991
   Approved May 4, 1985

Articles & Commentaries

 Bipartisan Bill to Protect Conscience, Ban All Government Abortion Funding  
   News & Views Article September 30, 2010
 Congressional Hearing Highlights China's Forced Abortions  
   Article From News & Views December 15, 2009
 Population Effects of Emergency Contraceptive  
   Article From News & Views 3-01-07
 Don't Doctors Deserve a Choice on Abortion?  
 Regulating Abortion Clinics  
   Published in The Washington Times, February 6, 2008
 Teen Puts Face on Partial Abortion Debate  
   Article from News & Views, 4-27-07
 What is a Christian view of abortion and from a Biblical perspective how should we react to pending  
   By Dr. Geoffrey Gerow
 Abortion Lobby and Parental Rights  
   Published in The Washington Times, July 28, 2006
 Late Abortions, Tough Decisions  
   Article From News & Views, 2-01-07
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