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Terms of Use for members-only areas of the CMDA Web site will be available soon.



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The Christian Doctor Search and CMDA Colleague Search use our extensive member database to return names and contact information of physicians and dentists matching your search criteria. CMDA strongly enforces the confidentiality of our members' public and personal information. By performing a search on our member database with one or both of these tools, you, the user, understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:


  • The Christian Doctor Search is provided solely for the purpose of helping individuals locate a Christian doctor in their area. The CMDA Colleague Search is to be used only by CMDA members for either 1) patient referral: self-referral or doctor-referral, or 2) member networking for CMDA ministry purposes.


  • The information provided through either search tool may not be copied, redistributed, or otherwise used in any way that will advance the financial interests of the user.


  • The Christian Medical & Dental Associations make no warranty, expressed or implied, nor accept any liability for any of the information in our member database, or the use of that information.


  • Misuse of the Christian Doctor Search and/or CMDA Colleague Search tools, as deemed by the terms listed above, may result in the suspension of CMDA membership and/or legal prosecution against the user.



Standards 4 Life Resources

Standards 4 Life is copyright (c) 2003 to the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.


Individual copies of Standards 4 Life may be printed and distributed by those who have registered through our Web site to use this resource, provided that such copying, re-transmission, printing, or other use is not for profit or other commercial purpose.


CMDA's Standards 4 Life may also be downloaded for non-profit use on personal or church Web sites, provided that its content(s) are not altered. Standards 4 Life is kept up-to-date with the latest facts and data on the issues covered. Those who have registered for this resource will be notified when updates are available on our Web site, and we encourage registered users to download the latest version to print and/or post online.


The Christian Medical & Dental Associations make no warranty, expressed or implied, nor accept any liability for any of the information provided through this resource, or the use of that information.


Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy Statement


Please contact CMDA if you have any questions about the following policies regarding the privacy standards for our Web site's visitors and members.


For each visitor to our Web site, our Web server automatically records the visitor's domain name (where possible), and uses cookies only to track visitors' accesses on our site. E-mail addresses and other personal information are not gathered by our server unless specifically submitted by the visitor through a form on our Web site.


We do collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages visitors access on our site, and information volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information and/or Web form registrations.


The information we collect is used for internal review and processing, and also used to improve the content of our Web site. No information will be shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. Currently, CMDA does not partner with or have special relationships with any Web advertising companies.


When the transfer of certain types of sensitive information, such as financial or health information, occurs through our Web site, visitors are redirected to a secure server that uses appropriate encryption technology to ensure the private transmission of that information.


CMDA reserves the right to use customer information for other uses not previously disclosed in this privacy notice. If our information privacy practices change at some time in the future, we will post the policy changes to our Web site to notify you of these changes, and provide you with the ability to opt out if you choose.


If you believe that CMDA or this Web site is not following its stated privacy policy, please contact us



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Members of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations and visitors to our Web site are typically asked for certain personal information. This may include your e-mail address, postal address, telephone numbers, and credit card information. CMDA recognizes its obligation to protect the privacy of your information. To that end, CMDA will never sell or lease your personal information to any commercial third parties.


At times, information may be shared when CMDA conducts a ministry activity in partnership with another organization. In each case, our agreements with these ministry partners restrict the use of this information to only the approved joint activity.


Periodically, CMDA will use the information for meeting notices, public policy issues, and other events. In addition, there are several CMDA electronic newsletters that you may receive. You may opt out of any or all of these communication pieces.


If, for any reason, you do not want to receive e-mail or other mailings from us in the future, please let us know by contacting us or by going online and selecting your electronic subscription preferences