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The Point Washington Update - September 2014

Commentaries - "the point" | By Jonathan Imbody | September 25, 2014

  • Abortion and tax dollars
  • Religious freedom
  • Charitable giving

The Point - September 2014

In this edition:

  • Christian campus groups face persecution
  • Ice bucket challenge raises ethical concerns
  • CVS stops selling cigarettes

Record Attendance at Healthcare Missions Conferences

Articles | September 09, 2014

Despite the growing fear surrounding the dangers of working overseas due to the Ebola virus and other risks, the number of healthcare professionals seeking to serve on the mission field continues to drastically increase.

The best proof of evidence is the growth of attendance at Christian Medical & Dental Associations’ annual pre-field training conferences, Orientation to Medical Missions.

The Erosion of Tolerance

Articles | By John Patrick, MD | September 03, 2014

Be encouraged to take a stand for Christian ethics in this article from Dr. John Patrick published in the fall 2014 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.