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CMDA Fresno serving the medical needs of their communities

Multimedia | October 13, 2014

CMDA's Fresno Chapter working with Communities, Inc is serving the medically underserved.

In eight years, 45 free one day outreaches, 34 different cities, 4,584 people served . . . Spiritual Impact PRICELESS.

The Point - October 2014

In this edition:

  • Woman gives birth from a transplanted womb
  • Walking as a superstar
  • Drug firms release payment information

Christian Doctor's Digest - October 2014

Christian Doctor's Digest | October 01, 2014

Randall P. Owen, MD, MS, FACS - Witnessing In Practice; Bruce Carl Steffes, MD, MBA, MA, FACS, FWACS, FCS(ECSA), FICS - PAACS update; John H. Kempen, MD, MPH, MHS, PhD and Scott D. Lawrence, MD - Discovery Eye Institute