When: May 31 - June 8, 2014

Where: San Marcos de Colon, Honduras

Who: Primary Care Physicians, NPs, PAs, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, & Logistics (non-medical helpers), 1 - 2 Pastors (to take an active part in the Spiritual aspect of the team and work with the National Partners/Spiritual Counseling)

Status: Accepting Applications

Special Travel Announcement: Unless you are instructed by GHO or your team leader, do not book your own travel. Please email ghotravel@cmda.org prior to the ticket purchase if you want to use frequent flyer miles and/or want your number added to the ticket.

Project Fee: $1,420 plus airfare and $15 per hour for up to 7 hours CME/CDE (if applicable)  Click here for more information on CME/CDE

Team Leader: Rod Dynes, MD

To read Dr. Dyne's Biography Click Here.

Trip Details:

Location / Climate: We will fly into the capital city – Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Saturday and spend the evening at a local hotel.  On Sunday, we will travel to San Marcos de Colon, which is approximately a 3 to 4 hour trip by bus.  San Marcos is a small town in southern Honduras on the Nicaraguan border.  The city is located up in the mountains, so the temperature in July is generally pleasant.

Housing: Our host will be the Good Samaritan Ministry.  This ministry was founded by the Tyson family and is headquartered in Villa Rica, GA.  In San Marcos, their facilities include a large dormitory-style main building, along with offices and a central kitchen / dining area.  In the town there also is a mission elementary and high school, a pastor’s training / conference center and guest housing.  We will stay at the central mission facility located in town.  Rooms are dormitory-style, generally two beds to a room.  There are ample bathrooms and running hot water is available.  Safe drinking water will be provided – it’s recommended you bring your own personal water bottle to use and refill daily.  Cooked meals will be provided daily – the food is very good and comparable to foods we are used to here in the states.  Bed linens are provided, as well as towels – it’s recommended that you bring an extra towel and washcloth or two.  Team worship time and devotions will be held daily in the central patio area of the mission complex.

Clinic Set-Up / Staffing: Our clinic will be in the mission’s elementary school for the week.  We will set-up and organize the clinic on Sunday afternoon and begin seeing patients on Monday morning.  Clinic will operate Monday through Friday morning.  We will provide medical care, dental care, an eyeglass ministry, a pharmacy and hopefully some physical therapy.  The clinic will be coordinated and overseen by the local pastor’s association.  We will plan take a small team to a local village as part of an outreach ministry one day, as well as providing some home visits to local shut-ins.  Interpreters will be provided for the team.

Ministry / Evangelism: Every patient coming through our clinic will go through an evangelism station with the local pastors prior to receiving their medical / dental care.  We will have opportunities to minister and share with patients one-on-one as well.  Part of our team will go into the local schools for outreach to the school children.  We will serve as encouragers and support the local pastor’s association, as we seek to give credibility to the local church through our witness there.  We will attend local church services and may have an opportunity for team members to preach and give a personal testimony.

Final Weekend: On the final Saturday morning we will return to Tegucigalpa.  The afternoon will be reserved for a team activity, using the time to rest, unwind and process what has occurred during the previous week.  We will stay in the same hotel we were when we first arrived.  A final team dinner and time of sharing will occur Saturday night at the hotel.  We will then fly back to the states on Sunday.

Summary: This is an excellent site for a short-term medical / dental mission trip, whether you are a first-timer or have lots of prior experience.  This time of the year is perfect for families to bring children on the trip as well (12 years of age or older).  We will have supportive hosts and very reasonable accommodations. The Hondurans, especially in this area of the country, have tremendous needs and very limited access to care – they are most appreciative of our services.  This team / trip will fill up quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up.  We will aim for a team of approximately 30  people.  Various health care providers (doctors, dentists, pharmacy, nurses, PT, optometry, pastor, etc) as well as non-medical personnel are needed.  Regardless of your gifts or talents, you can and will play an important role on this team.

Vaccination Information: Wondering what immunizations you’ll need for the mission trip? Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control website.