David Byler, MD

David is a family physician in a small town in WV and is married to Jewel.  They both come from families with strong missionary emphasis and have always been interested in missions.  Their first medical mission to Kenya in 1999 got both of them hooked and they have been involved with short term missions on a regular basis since then. 

The trip to El Sembrador has become a yearly highlight of their life. They are grateful for the relationships developed over the years with their Christian brothers and sisters at El Sembrador, both Honduran and North American and love to go back to share God's love through medicine and relationship.

David did his medical training at the University of Mississippi Medical School in Jackson, MS and St. Vincent Family Practice Residency in Erie, PA.  Since then they have lived in St. Marys, WV.  Initially he had a solo practice but now is in a group practice with 10 other primary care physicians with several offices in two nearby towns.  They have 3 grown children, Jeremy, Kristen, and Benjamin, all of whom have been with them to El Sembrador and on other mission trips.

David and Jewel's goals as team leader(s) are to help the team function as a unit and to create an atmosphere which allows God to work in and through each of them.  They realize that many times the team members gain as much as, or more, from the experience than they can contribute to those they are there to serve. They view the team as being there to assist in the work that God is already doing in Honduras, not as being God's only tool in that work.

They welcome new and returning team members to come and see what God is doing at El Sembrador and to find a place to plug in and assist in that work.